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Real People with Real Lives

9 November, 2013

As a writer, I am fascinated by people. It’s true to say that I’m not a people person –  I’m not really into socialising, I hate answering the phone,  I’m happier on my own with a book or my laptop or a massive bag of chocolate raisins in the cinema – but I do like people. Is that a contradiction? Maybe.

I love listening to the radio and the programmes I enjoy most are about real people with real lives. Not like the reality TV shite that fills the daytime broadcast hours – docusoaps, families imploding on TV, scripted flyonthewalls etc – but reality in its most interesting, moving,uplifting, inspiring forms. Here are a few of my current favourites, including links in case you fancy giving them a go:

The Listening Project:
Members of the public talk to each other about their lives- remembering pasts, resolving differences, laughing, crying, loving.

Don’t Log Off:
The presenter chats online to people he stumbles across, wherever they are in the world, and discovers their fascinating stories.

From Our Own Correspondent:
The BBC has journalists all over the world, and we hear from them when the news is happening in their back yard. But what is life like in that country day by day? FOOC tells us.

Short documentaries telling stories of significant historic events in the words of those who were there.

My favourite programme. People, from all over the world, tell their stories. They might be famous, in the news, anonymous, powerless, rich, poor, old, young.. well you get the idea.


It’s no coincidence that these are both BBC stations. I love the BBC and everything it stands for. But maybe readers in other countries can point me to similar programmes from elsewhere?



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  1. I love things like that too. I came online to tell you about an interesting show but it’s historical. The show is on the History Channel ( American cable company and the channel is 271 History Channel H2) The show is called “10 Things You Don’t Know About” It might be mostly American subject mattter but not all. This list is of upcoming subjects. The 10 things are just relatively unknown to the general public.

    Benjamin Franklin
    Adolf Hitler
    The Mormons
    J.Edgar Hoover
    The Rat Pack
    Pablo Escobar

    • That does sound interesting, thanks for pointing me in that direction. i don’t have the history channel on my tv but I’m sure it will be on youtube or something

  2. Another stimulating show – “The Writer’s Room” The shows these writers are on have been American TV shows but I’m sure the content is universal. you can go to I just watched an episode. : )

  3. oooh, Jayne just pointed out what I was going to suggest, it’s a great show! I don’t think this falls into the same category but I love The Talking Dead, it comes on right after The Walking Dead, Chris Hardwick is the host and he has people from the show discussing the episode in detail, you know, like the writers and producers and actors etc… really anything that’s on the History channel or the Science channel…

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