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Choon Choosday: Oasis – Cigarettes and Alchohol

12 November, 2013

A return this week to the occasional feature, Choons by Bands I Can’t Stand. I could write an entire blog, and entire thesis, an entire novel on the reasons why I hold Oasis in such contempt, but this is an epic tune that has me singing along if it comes in the car, and insists me to the dance floor when I’m in town on a drinking session and we end up wherever Hammy is DJing.

Oasis turned into parody of themselves and a cliche karaoke stadium act before disappearing into a vacuum of their own self-importance but before that happened, their first Oasis album was drenched in the self-assured cock-of-the-walk arrogance that hadn’t been in music since the late 70s when punk arrived. This song is blatantly derivitive, but that just adds to its “fuck you” appeal. The lyrics capture that Rebel Without A Cause sneering that the band epitomised in its early days. I hate Oasis, the individual members and the way they hypnotised the public into believing the greatness they themselves believed more than anyone else. But I have to admit that this is a





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  1. Ok, it’s killing me to say this but, um, IneverheardthissongbeforeandIloveit.
    there, I said it, because I too hate Oasis so I never heard this before, but if you say it’s a choon, then I have to give it a try because TRG knows best 😉

  2. Very much hrmmm. (Hi! Betcha didn’t even know I read these, huh Boss?) Ok, so first things…yes, Oa-Sis equals ptooie-and-yuck. Granted. Just not sure this one song proves or disproves that point. Not that that was where you were going, I know…it’s all IMO and YMMV, right? But…huh. Maybe if I’d heard it -before- all their later stuff, or without the video. It is a great song, I’d love it if I didn’t know who, and hadn’t seen the video till after. Right now, all I can -see- is “Hey, look at us! Aren’t we all hardcore angsty punk-without-the-feeling dark? No really! We feel ya! Pssst…go buy our music…we need the money…” Maybe it’s just me. Most things are. ;p

    (All right, who am I kidding, I do love it…I’m just going to have to put the video into a different mental file folder than the song.)


    • Hi KC! No, i didnt know you (or anyone else!) was reading these. I heard this at the time, and at the time i hated it because i was blinded by the fact i despised *them* so much. It’s their swagger and self-importance and self-worship i can’t stand. I know a lot of bands have that, but not quite so much and with not quite so little backing it up. Youre right to see their posturing, that’s exactly what it is.
      But a few years afterwards i was able to divorce *them* from the song and realise how great it is. Yes it’s derivitive, everything they ever say or do is, but i love it. Ironically i love it for its ballsiness which is precisely what i hate them for as people. Weird eh? in short, it isnt just you 🙂
      oh and thank you for introducing me to YMMV, i had to google it but now i will be using it ATT.

  3. I have similar thoughts to you about Oasis, but find myself bopping along if I hear “Sally Can Wait” – don’t know its real title.

    • That would be “don’t look back in anger”. It’s the best thing on their second album but by that time they were believing the hype that was only surrounding them because they had persuaded everyone there was hype surrounding them and they had disappeared up their own arses. But yeah, DLBIA is a decent effort

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