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There’s a word for it…

25 November, 2013

I don’t know what the word is, but I know there is one for that bizarre recognition-awareness that comes when you start seeing themes around you that you never saw before. When you buy a new car, suddenly it seems that every third car on the road is that same make. When your horoscope tells you that the number 14 will be important, from that moment on you realise you catch the number 14 bus, there are 14 posts in the fence you pass every day, your brother lives at number 14… it’ s everywhere but you had never made the connection.

Whatever the word is, it’s taking over my life. A couple of weeks ago I booked tickets to go to Iceland on my holiday next year. I mentioned this to GAW the next day because I was so excited. “Oh yeah, my friend lives in Reykjavik” she said. Last week, Iceland were playing in a qualifier for the World Cup and I overheared a conversation between two colleagues, one of whom had been to Iceland. I quizzed him about it at the printer later that day, and he mentioned another person in our building who went out with a girl from Iceland. And the latest example of this phenomenon, the moment I realised that Iceland is cropping up everywhere now, was this evening. I went to a preview screening of the new  Walter Mitty film starring Ben Stiller, and there was a whole section of the film based in… yep, that’s right… Iceland. I spent all of that time admiring the landscape, the mountainous and bizarrely treeless terrain, and thinking “I’ll be there next year.”

It made me more excited than ever about the holiday that is a genuine Bucket List trip, but it also made me incredibly frustrated that I don’t know what the word is. Do you know and can you tell me?



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  1. I’ve noticed patterns like that in the past myself. Well, not for Iceland in particular, but patterns of things when you’re doing them. I noticed it when I was thinking about my trip to Greece.

    How was the movie? My roomie got free tickets to a showing tomorrow and I’m tagging along. Did you like it?

    • Its natural i think that we noticce these things standing out more than before.
      The film is def worth seeing. starts out a bit cheesy but it matures as it goes on. and there is a cameo from Sean Penn, one of the best actors ever!

  2. I had a similar thing thing happen when I decided to move here, but it was more that I suddenly could see how so many tiny things in my life that had before seem irrelevant or tiresome, now were clearly little steps taken towards Iceland, the place I, without a doubt, am supposed to be right now. There’s a great German word, “Ferweh,” and it’s similar to “wanderlust,” but better… it means “an ache for distant places.” Fernweh is the place equivalent to when you’re in love and “see” the person you love everywhere you look or are reminded of them everywhere you go.

    Also, I can’t wait till Walter Mitty makes it to Iceland (fun fact: the scenes north of the wall in Game of Thrones and a lot of the upcoming “Noah” were shot in Iceland.

    • Hi Hannah and thanks for commenting. Life has a way of leading us towards where we are meant to be. Even though I have never been to Iceland before I KNOW I will love it there.
      I’ve heard that Iceland features in a few films, i think the unique landscape must be irresisitible for directors 🙂

  3. I know what you’re talking about, but I don’t know what it’s called. It’s some sort of recurring phenomenon where you notice something coming up in your life or around you, and you KNOW it’s not that you just weren’t observant before. Something similar, for instance, is when I named two of my sons rather unusual names (for the years they were born), and all of a sudden it seemed like every other boy in their age brackets had those names. But it turns out that baby name popularity actually does have fluctuating patterns that can be graphed (google Baby Name Voyager to see), if not predicted. But what you’re talking about is slightly different. When things like what you’re talking about happen in my life, I usually just chalk it up to a “sign from God” that I’m going in the right direction. So… Iceland, huh? Cool. 🙂

  4. you will never ever bore your readers or anyone else for that matter…so there. 😛

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