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I’m not living in the past, honest

9 December, 2013

It’s been a while since I wrote about the woman who is the reason I started blogging. Mainly because it’s been a while since I even thought about her. Yes, it’s true, time is a healer etc etc. Anyway, last night I thought I would have a peek at her twitter and see what’s been going on in her life.

Last time I did that was in the summer when I heard that she was newly single, and it turned out she had been dumped by the guy she had thought was the guy she had been waiting for all her life. Who incidentally she started seeing just after she dumped me – a guy who apparently understood her like anyone else, was amazing etc etc. I’m not saying this in a state of bitterness, I’m just giving you a bit of background. And establising a theme.  Because her tweets this last week or so have been about the new guy she is seeing, the guy she has apparently been waiting to meet all her life. See what I mean?

I don’t hold any malice towards her, I hope she is happy. I still don’t particularly want to see her again, but neither do I want her to be hurt. I can see hurt coming though. I can see the pattern, she falls deeply and is hurt when it ends. Okay in our case it was me that got hurt, but I see now that emotionally she commits deeply, she is desperate for the relationship to work. The “us” wasn’t unique.

But this is all history. She has moved on and so have I. I’m not living in the past. Honest.

  1. Okay, I “get” morbid curiosity, and all. But your post does beg the question, you know? (I mean, if you’re not living in the past, why are you looking at her tweets? And then blogging about it?) So I have to ask you this: If you could have a second chance with her would you take it? (Not to be pushy or offensive, here. Please don’t take it that way, and if you do, please feel free to delete my comment.)

    Hugs. TRG. 😉

    • It really was just curiosity – wondering what she is up to. I’m not crying myself to sleep over her.
      Good question. I don’t think I would take a second chance, it’s better to keep moving forward.
      And you’re not being offensive! I appreciate the input 🙂

  2. Why did she dump you? I’m not up on that part. My guess is it’s better for you with her gone.

    • We shared a lot of the same mental and/or emotional issues and she decided that meant we were doomed so she finished it. That may have been honest, it may have been a lie. It doesn’t matter now. It’s all history.

  3. Delilah permalink

    I often snoop around and check up on exes. Boredom, curiousity, guilty pleasure. Sometimes, it cures a good writer’s block.

    • I do like to be nosey! And I hadn’t thought about curing block – but you’re right there are plenty of stories to be found online now everyone is sharing EVERYthing 🙂

  4. You have not gotten over her and probably never will. Stop following her tweets and move on with your life. You need to get laid.

    Here is the link to a very sweet English girl who lives maybe near you. I have wanted to fix up up for awhile, and this post is the straw.
    You can thank me later.

    • Hi Ted! To clarify, I’m not following her Twitter and haven’t been on her page or even thought about her for 6 months. I am over that whole episode and that’s what this post was saying

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