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Another Fiction Relay

26 January, 2014

Calling all fiction writers! Do you want to be a Relayer? I’m building a new team, and I need YOU to be part of it!

Just over a year ago, a group of writers embarked on a Fiction Relay – writing one chapter each and handing to the next on the list. It’s a great way of writing to a prompt, of building characters, of writing in a genre you might not be used to, of picking up on plot pointers left by others and taking them in different directions. In short, it’s good writing exercise but above all it’s fun and rewarding.

I had always assumed the story would be an open-ended tale that wanders along, but it had other ideas. The plot seemed to write itself and nearly 60k words later it has built into a self-contained, novel-length fantasy whose end is fast approaching. Part 56 of the relay has been posted here at Joanne’s site, and a fine chapter it is too! Pop over and give it a read, that’s my advice. And while your finger is on your mouse, click here for a summary of the story so far and here for the homepage where you will find links to every chapter.

So as that universe-threatening, confrontational end approaches, I already have eyes on the next one. Where the plot goes, what genre it fits into, who the characters are… all these will be determined by the Relayers as the story unfolds.

Are YOU interested in taking part? Let me know in the comments below and I will build a team for the next relay. Go on, you know you want to…


  1. {raises hand and jumps up and down} me! me! pick me!!!!


    I mean, oh, that sounds so wonderful, I would love to be a part of your new Fiction Relay if possible 😀

    • Your request is noted and I will consider your application in due course 😉

      • Thank you kind Sir, I eagerly await your answer, and if it helps, I have references 😉

      • I assume i can call these references before I whether to call you in for an interview? 🙂

      • Your request is noted and I will consider your application in due course… You are so full of Bull! JoanneBest is a hot fox and even if she can’t write a word she will be on your team.

        I would love to join, but my time is uncertain and I would not want to fail you like last time. I keep promising myself to catch up on Suzi’s story, but don’t seem to. But, if Chapter 56 is by the Joanne pictured above me, I am reading for sure.

      • You suggest that i only allow hot women on the team? Well it just so happens the team was loaded with them but hey, me and you managed to get through the interview process somehow 🙂
        Shame you can’t join in the new FR Ted, but hopefully you can come along for the ride as a reader if nothing else

      • I see she is. Nice chapter, Joanne. Please kill off Spencer the next time it’s your turn.

      • Blue wouldn’t be happy with you for that comment Ted. And you don’t want to make Blue unhappy…

  2. It also makes Blue’s creator put on her special sad-face…and you already -know- what -I- look like (extremely -not- “hot”)…so be afraid…be very afraid.

    Oh, and btw…yes my twinster is adorable and hawt and whatevertheheckallelse the kids are calling it these days, with her super-rockstar-british-tea-drinking-freezing-her-butt-off-up-north-for-some-mad-reason self…but that? *points upward* Is Sarah Michelle Gellar, AKA Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of Joannes (and mine, but who isn’t?) role models. ;p

    (Oh, and please jump on the new FR train! I don’t think I will (too much selfish, grabbing more than my share of the story. >.<), so we need some serious snark in the mix. If it seems hard to fit it in, just hop on, say, every other round? That'd give you maybe a good month or two in between…)

    • Oh, come on KC, join in!!
      BTW is it just me that thinks Blue is kind of a younger, tougher, swearier Buffy?

      • To quote a friend of mine: “Your request is noted and I will consider your application in due course” :p

        And as for the Buffy/Blue comparison? Hmm…Teh Buffster has the whole Slayer biz that she really gets into…even when she gets “existentially whiny”, it’s always “Why do I have to do this?” as opposed to “Do I have to do this?”

        Whereas Blue has more in common with Cap’n Mal…do anything and everything for what’s yours, but the rest of the ‘Verse? Fuck’em.

      • Fair point. Not an exact match but they both have the combat skills and don’t take any shit. 🙂

  3. I might be interested if timing permits.

    • You’d be very welcome Dawn! We will probably start in about a month or so, i’ll send an email round about then to confirm who is joining. Hope you can take part 🙂

  4. Ted, I think I love you 😀

  5. But TRG is my soul mate 😀

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