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Fiction Relay – Epilogue

10 March, 2014

There had been barely a free table since the Grand Opening at 8am, and as the last couple of tables tucked into their desserts, the five staff were exhausted. The chef, all meals for the day now served, wandered through from the kitchen to the bar, his eyes dim and tired. Those that looked a little closer might see there was more than exhaustion to blame. As he shuffled to the coffee machine and poured himself a top up to fuel his cleaning duties, his look seemed vacant, almost as though he wasn’t really there.

The waiter looked up from wiping tables to see a couple waiting to pay. He approached them with a smile, rang their meals into the till. ‘Was everything okay?’ he asked, a genuine enquiry on the first day’s business rather than a routine obligatory question.

‘It was all delicious,’ the man said as he offered his credit card, ‘the chicken especially was wonderful.’

‘Ah, the chicken,’ the waiter said, ‘that was a special an old friend of the owners used to serve back home. Raj makes a pretty good imitation of it.’

‘You have a wonderful friendly atmosphere,’ the woman customer added, ‘made us feel at home.’

‘That’s good to hear,’ the waiter said, handing back the card and receipt, ‘we all go way back, grew up together in fact.’

‘And the name,’ the woman wondered, ‘where does the name Meg and Mel’s Blue Diner come from?’

‘Well, Meagan the waitress there, she’s my wife; Melissa on the desserts is her sister. Sort of. Anyway, they own the place.’

‘But why Blue Diner? Everything in here is red and white.’

‘Now that,’ the waiter smiled, ‘is a very long story…’



And apart from the customary links to the Homepage and Summary, that really is the end.

  1. Reblogged this on joannebest and commented:
    The True End: The Epilogue to The Fiction Relay; I am humbled and honored to have been a part of this incredible story. I’ve never written with other writers before and I couldn’t have written with a better bunch, thank you fellow Relayers,you taught me a helluva lot ❤ Also, fun.
    And if you haven't read the adventures of Suzi and company yet, now you can read it all together, from start to finish. Thanks TRG for running this train, it's been a blast xox {waits impatiently to do it again :D} ❤

  2. why don’t ya just kill me already ’cause awesome doesn’t cover it and you made me spit water on my keyboard at times and it’s just perfect and I can’t say real words yet…whew! 😀
    so. much. love
    more words to follow when I can be slightly more coherent, ’cause what a blast this was!
    You’re like a hot fudge sundae that has no calories!
    Let the Relays continue!!!! {shouts, does fist pump- which I’ve never done in my life btw- and runs back to reread many times ’cause smiling is good for you and this last chapter and epilogue have put a non-stop unending smile on my face and damn did I need it! ❤ xox

    • gawsh you’re just too kind 🙂 truth is i had this epilogue in mind about five chapters back and it was a pleasure to finally write it. One bit that fell out by mistake during the editing – they opened the M&MB Diner on the site of the old Country Club. I figured he won’t be using it anymore!

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