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Friday Fictioneers – Leap

14 March, 2014

Every Friday, Rochelle unleashes a prompt pic on the WPverse and dozens of bloggers suck on the end of their pencils whilst composing 100 words of fiction. This week, we have a pic taken by Adam Ickes:


and these are the 100 words my brain spatteth forth:


He breathed deeply, steadied himself and remembered the night before. His hearing was still muffled from two hours of screaming petrol engines, from bikes and trucks performing astonishing, spectacular, impossible acrobatics.

As he had left the arena, his future became clear. He would practise until he reached the levels of skill and bravery needed to join Nitro Circus.

One day he would leap over buses on his motorbike, but his journey would start now, on the wooden bridge behind the family home. He tightened his helmet strap, adjusted his gloves, and pedalled as hard as his eight-year-old legs would allow.



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  1. A dreamer, I hope the young lad succeeds.

  2. I really enjoyed this, TRG. Next week, who knows what he’ll yearn to do.


  3. Aww,so cute-little dreams but high determination-a sure shot recipe for sucess!Loved this unique take:-)

  4. This one is fresh – read a different take after reading a series of similar stories! Excellent !!

  5. Aw! What a fabulous story! I enjoyed reading it very much! :-)

  6. Dear RG,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the prompt. The ending made it. Well done.



  7. I love it when kids have a dream! Nice job. :)

  8. Great story – can see him peddling all the way! Nan

  9. Great story. Lovely build up :)

  10. A creative take on the prompt. You’ve successfully made the mind of a child real to us. Well done.

  11. Great take on the prompt, it brought me right back to my own childhood. I never did learn to walk the tightrope but I have pretty good balancing skills!

  12. LOL…I loved this as much as I love 8 year old boys! :)

  13. Oh I loved this! It just makes it so much more fun and exciting from a kid’s point of view. :D

  14. christi74 permalink

    This is awesome, and I liked your use of the word “spatteth”!

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