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Make sure you’re sitting down to read this…

25 March, 2014

For those who don’t follow me on twitter (and by the way, if you don’t then you can rectify that by clicking on the link that wordpress supply in the right-hand column), you missed some potentially exciting news this week. Yes, that’s right, TRG has gone against type and actually asked out Twitter Girl. Yeah, you read that right. I’ll let you just digest that for a moment.
Full details of our night out are to be arranged, but amongst our chats I sent her a DM suggesting we meet up and she said yes. As Ted observed last week, this may be the only time in history that someone has gone to a Muppet film to get laid, but hey I make no apologies – I love the Muppets, so does she, and Fozzie is my all-time number one comedy hero. So we’re going to see it next week.
Because my head likes to analyse everything I say or do, or indeed don’t say or don’t do, I had a good think about this development. I wondered why I managed ask TG when I spent all of last year hammering on about GAW and NewGAW (who is actually sat across the canteen as I type this in my lunch hour) and failing to make any sort of move. And the answer seems to be, as Cara pointed out, that I had nothing to lose. Both GAW and NGAW work in the same office, and I’m not too keen on an office romance. I don’t want to be the subject of gossip, particularly if/when it goes wrong. Also there are several other issues – including the fact that GAW is living with someone, and NGAW is much younger (and supports two football teams I hate: 1)Real Madrid and 2) the team I despise so much I cant even type their name).
But above all, friendships were at stake. With TG, as much as I count her as a friend (albeit one I have never met) what did I have to lose? Worst case, she might have unfollowed me and never DMed me again. I think I could live with that

As Lotta suggested, TG was probably already waiting for me to ask her out, something that I have never felt was the case with GAW or NGAW despite the smiles and chats and lunches together I’ve shared with them (separately that is). I haven’t shared much with TG beyond a few laughs on twitter, some cute cat pics and an interest in the Muppets, but there seemed to be a connection there and as Dr Pepper would annoyingly sing “whats the worst that could happen?”

The details – the when and where – are still tbc and the voice in my head is enjoying telling me there is plenty of time for her to change her mind beforehand, and if we do make it as far as date 1, there are infinite ways I can fuck it up. But for now I am positive, I am fairly confident it will go well. I might even keep you posted.


  1. I’m pleased as punch for you. 😊

  2. Hope you both have a great time

  3. I want full discloser after said date :)! Thrilled for you and for Twitter Girl. Hey you might just have started something new….Good bye, hello Twitter!

  4. Yay, TRG!!! I’m so stoked for you! 😀

  5. Thank You for the warning in the title of this post. I am too damn old to be falling down in shock and breaking something. I think Cara is right… what stopped you from a more intimate relationship with the GAWs is the fact you have to see them everyday and that scared you off. Probably a good thing too. But, WE had to listen to you blubbering and blathering on about them! So, Twitter Girl is a good thing… just promise Us that you will NOT fuck this up. Stop with the ‘ifs’ and go have some fun. Believe me, We could not weather the angst that would surely fill these pages if you blow it. (You will notice that I am speaking for all your readers)

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