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Did they or didn’t they?

31 March, 2014

Apparently the whole world is waiting to find out how it went with Twitter Girl yesterday. Well, I think Ted is waiting at least. But you need wait not more, world and Ted, because this post will tell all most some!

We had fun, we got on well, we laughed, we drank, we watched the new Muppets film. There was no “reader I married him” moment though, I just didn’t feel any spark of attraction there. Those who want to read my emotional deconstruction of the evening may choose to read on, those who just wanted to know if I got some might aswell move along now.


For those still here then, a bit more detail. Although there was no romantic development, we definitely enjoyed each other’s company and the friendship we have begun to nurture on twitter is growing nicely. Will this one day develop into more? Probably not. But on a platonic level, I hope to see her again and I’m sure we will enjoy spending time together.

As much as I got to know her better, I also got to know myself better and I found some qualities I didn’t really know I had. For example, as I walked to the pub (partly because it was a nice day, partly because I knew I would want a beer or two, partly because if we really hit it off then I could be offered a lift home) my head started to remind me how much I don’t like other people, how I am inept when it comes to being sociable with people I don’t know, how my ability to make small talk ranks right up there with my ability to fly and my ability to enjoy coffee. And for a few seconds I sank, the dark curtain fell, the black dog settled on my shoulders. But I didn’t let this last, I literally shook my head, raised a smile and said No. I would not succumb. I would give this everything. And the moment and the darkness passed.

Another thing I learnt is that it turns out I can just about handle a social evening with a stranger after all. Well, I say evening, we were in the pub for an hour before the film and to be honest I was glad when it was time to move on. Not because I wasn’t enjoying the company, but my socialising stamina was flagging. I was the one who was leading the conversation along, and that is something very far outside my comfort zone. Oh, and of course moving on meant we got to see the new Muppet film which I have been desperate to see for MONTHS!

So we saw the film, it was hilarious, constant lolling ensued from us both. I wont (a) spoil it for those who haven’t seen it or (b) bore those who don’t like the Muppets so I wont talk about that anymore, but lets say if you want to see it you will love it, if you don’t then go with your instinct and stay well clear.


And after the film had finished, as we stood outside the cinema and said goodnight, it was fun, we should do it again, a Moment appeared. And I recognised it. My major failure in the wooing stage of relationships has been not spotting them, not making a move and painting myself into the Friend Zone. But there it was, the point at which I would have made my move, had I wanted to. As I said before though, I didn’t and the Moment shrank away as we chastely hugged and went our separate ways.


So I may not have embarked on a sparkling and heart-stopping relationship of my dreams yesterday, but I did reinforce a friendship and I did come away with more confidence then I have had in a very long time. I’m counting that as a good night.

  1. Friendships can always evolve into more. Always. 🙂

  2. Friendships are the best kind of relationships in my opinion

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