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Questions over lunch

14 April, 2014

I was tippitytapping on my laptop at lunchtime when NGAW walked in, her bright smile and lively “Hi!” filling the room. She sat at my table and we starting chatting about this and that, discussing the weekend just gone, comparing tastes in tea… you know, shootin’ the prandial shit. And then from somewhere, I can’t remember where or how, the following quickfire exchange:


NGAW: Are you married?


NGAW: Have you ever been married?


NGAW: Do you ever want to be married?


NGAW: (laughing) Shall we get married?

TRG: (grinning) Yes, let’s!


Those of you who have been following the NGAW saga will know by now that this was no form of come on / invitation / evidence of her romantic and/or sexual interest in me. And even if it was, cute as she is, I wouldn’t make any sort of move, for reasons I have covered elsewhere. But I thought you might enjoy this chat, I certainly did 🙂


  1. Fun banter. Hehe

  2. tippitytapping on my laptop… I need read no further.

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