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Friday Fictioneers – Judicial Perfection

2 May, 2014

Ahhh, Friday. The end of the week, the start of a Holiday weekend, and another hundred Frificing writers tiptap create in response to Rochelle‘s prompt. The pic this week is the work of my great friend Renee:


which sent my head off on a completely unexpected tangent where I found these 100 words:


Sire, I bring you an exciting advancement in investigative science!

What need have I for advancement, Witchfinder General?

Allow me to show you, my Liege. The suspect is bound tightly here, a sword hung above her by a rope, thus. Atop the rope, a candle is lighted, which ere long will shorten until its flame burns the rope asunder, releasing the sword. If before this she confesses, or through witchcraft frees herself, her guilt is beyond doubt: If the sword falls, her innocence is confirmed.

This is advancement indeed! The perfect judicial apparatus! No innocent will ever be burned again!



  1. Burned no, murdered yes! lol Nice one.

  2. Burned versus stabbed…she was screwed either way;) Great job with the photo!

  3. Very well done. Tortured logic, indeed….

  4. Terrific story RG. Thanks for the ping back to my blog. You’re such a sweetheart, and a very dear friend indeed.

  5. What an advancement! Great story – really enjoyed it 🙂

  6. Good story with dark humor. I think most of us would be glad we didn’t live in those times. An innocent wouldn’t be burned. Stabbed yes, burned no. Well written. 🙂

  7. And this we call “Progress”. Reminds me of the Monty Python witch skit–was that in the Holy Grail or The Life of Brian? Interesting conversation.

  8. Ahh, the wonders of progress. 🙂


  9. She loses either way. Nice twist.

  10. Dear RG,

    Well that’s a surefire judicial method. Damned if does and damned if she doesn’t. Your story’s a winner, though.



  11. Ah, es. Advancement INDEED! A lose, lose situation. Bravo

  12. I think I’d rather drown on the ducking stool!

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