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Choon Choosday: 100th Edition Special!

27 May, 2014

Since the human race have evolved to have ten digits at the extremity of their limbs, and therefore use a decimal-based numeric system, multiples of this number are seen as significant. Even more so when the multiple is also a power. It is therefore thanks to the 3.6billion years of evolution since the first prokaryotes that I am able to celebrate with you the Choon Choosday series reaching its 100th post! Can it really be that long since I started linking choons? Well yes it can, and I know this because I have them all listed in a spreadsheet, by week. Yep, that’s the sort of person I am.

Anyway, I thought about posting things like my favourite choon, my favourite band etc etc but finally decided I would share my funeral music and the reasons for it.

When I am being carried into the crematorium in a box and the mourner(s) is(are) filing in behind and choosing which of the huge number of spare seats to plonk themselves in, this will be playing:



I am a lifelong fan of Southampton FC, aka The Saints, and this is what we sing every week. If anyone attending wishes to draw their own spiritual and/or religious meaning, they are free to do so, but to me it’s a football anthem, no more.


Then there will presumably some words of some sort, yada yada yada, blah blah blah, and then as the curtain is drawn this is what the punter(s) will hear:



The KLF are one of my most favourite bands, this is one of their best songs. It also happens to be about their retirement from the music industry so it suits a moment of closure. The fact that it’s a bit slower and maybe maudlin helps make it more appropriate, and if you also want to snigger at the irony of the name of the track, well that’s fine by me.




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  1. I confess I also not only have my funeral music picked but I fully intend to have the last word as well lol. When I had to go in for my last spinal op I was feeling very apprehensive, it was a very serious op with high risks so I wrote letters for my nearest and dearest incase it all went Pete Tong, thankfully it didn’t so I binned those letters but decided that on New Years Eve each year I would write a letter to each of my kids, each numbered so they can ready them in order after I am gone and a letter to be read at my funeral, right now they only have two letters each but I hope they will have a pile before they need to open them, I have also included photos, ticket stubs from special events to help make sure they have good memories to ease their pain. My only regret is that I didn’t think of it sooner and write them a letter each from the time they were born 😀

    P.S I think you will find the correct words for your first choice are of course ‘When the SPURS go marching in’ hehehehe

    • It’s those sort of events (or potential events) that make you think. My Dad’s funeral 3 years ago made me realise i had an idea what i wanted mine to be like but had never shared it with family. TBH i still havent but its somehting i need to do.
      I love your idea of writing a letter every year, it’s wonderful that they will have those to open and they will be able to share your memories and good times.
      PS I’m going to ignore that comment, i wouldnt want us to fall out lol 😉

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