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Friday Fictioneers – Bench

23 October, 2014

The arrival of this week’s FriFic email was an even more exciting moment than usual for me this week. Because our beloved curator and chief FriFicer Rochelle chose MY picture as this week’s prompt! I’m so pleased and so proud that she picked me 🙂

Side note – this pic was taken at Tjörnin lake in the centre of Reykjavík during my week there last month. If you want to see more pics of this extraordinarily beautiful country, read more about my trip, and see how excited I got when it was approaching, click here for all my Iceland-related posts.

So here is this week’s prompt, courtesy of me!



And, resisting the temptation to write an Icelandic tale, here are my 100 words…


Anthony always took pride in his work. Some looked down at him in his overalls, unblocking a drain or repairing a pane in a bus shelter, but he knew that everything he did benefited the community, the city he loved. His father, a council repairman before him, had taught him that. They may not thank you or even acknowledge you son, he said, but they need you.

Anthony tightened the last bolt and stroked the newly-installed bench overlooking the lake. Dad would have been proud. He took the brass plaque from its protective wrapping and, smiling, carefully restored its shine.



  1. Really touching tale.

  2. Ahh, this gave me such a warm feeling at the end. Beautifully told story. You’re right, the council repairmen are undervalued and should be acknowledged.

    • Thanks Karen. There are many jobs that people don’t notice and maybe don’t even realise are done at all but we would all miss if noone did them

  3. Lovely story! These are the people who keep the city running.

  4. How ironic that I was *this close* to writing about a commemorative bench, and that you, the owner of the photo, have done so!

    Lovely story, and one which makes the reader think about the value of small things, and the people who do them.

  5. This is simple and to the point (how else could it be in 100 words!) It includes pride and love and tiny bit of backstory. Love the picture.

  6. Aw, bitter sweet ending.

    That’s Iceland? I had no idea.

  7. Lovely story and a great photograph that’s offered a wide variation of themes for the Fictioneers. And I love those commemorational benches. Nice one.

  8. Anthony is my kind of guy. Thanks for this week’s prompt. It gave me a much needed creative spark.

  9. I love the fatherly advice. It shows respect. I think if your father respects you you hold your head high and everyone else respects you just for the way you carry yourself.

  10. Very nice! It’s so true how they may not thank you or acknowledge you, but they need you. There are many unsung heroes working so hard to hold things together. Thanks for the photo!

  11. I should have recognized Reykjavik – but I didn’t. The low key tale of a father’s wisdom is touching and

  12. Dear RG,

    There are so many unsung heroes without whom our lives would be more challenging or less attractive. Anthony’s father was correct in his advice. I’m guessing the plaque is for him? Nicely written. Great photo. I enjoyed writing for it. Thank you.



  13. Like everyone else. an “awww” of a tale. Thanks, Randy

  14. Dear Reclining Gentleman, What a nice story and I love the picture – beautiful of your country. I have pulled Iceland up several times on line and the views are lovely. Lucky you to call it home! Nan 🙂

  15. Reclining Gentlemen, Thanks for the lovely photo. Thanks also for the explanation as to where it was taken. Lovely story and great advice from the father. He deserved a plaque. Well writte as ususal. 🙂 — Susan

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