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Friday Fictioneers – Library

28 November, 2014

Even when there is turkey to be turked, cranberries to be cranned and pie to be pied in time for Thanksgiving, Rochelle still finds time to send a prompt pic to every PC, laptop, phone, tablet and online games console on earth. In return for this selfless giving, writers ponder, generate and share 100 words each.

Here is this week’s pic:bike_detour_at_library_randy_mazie

And since you’re still reading, I humbly offer you my 100 words:

“How am I supposed to work,” Jenny exclaimed, “when the damn router keeps freezing?” She tapped at her laptop mousepad with irritated fingers, sighed again.

Disapproving eyes rose from the newspaper crossword. “In our day, we had to go to a library to do our research.”

“Whatever, Dad.”

“It was much more beneficial to find the information for ourselves, more rewarding.”

“Well we’ve got the internet now, so…”

“And the library wasn’t just for studying, we could mix with our fellow students.”

Jenny paused. “So is that where you and Mum met?”

“No. But it is where you were conceived…”

  1. The wonderful world of books. 🙂 You never know what you may find.

  2. Ah yes, the philosophy section of the Uni library (it was normally abandoned)… great memories. 🙂

  3. Ha, so that was what all that noise was. Lovely.

  4. There are always those empty areas at the philosophy section… I just knew there was a reason for library shutdowns … darn birthcontrol

  5. Ahahaha! That should run her out of the house!

  6. That’s some kind of mixing! And he told her! Very clever ending.

  7. Wow!!! Who knew what could happen in those deep dark stacks? Nice take.

  8. Dear RG,

    First a typo alert. I think you mean “so IS that” not “it that”.

    That out of the way, your story. I’m trying to imagine what little intimate corner of the library afforded them the privacy. (Life is difficult for the visually inspired.)

    I’m not sure I deserve your sweet tribute before your story but thank you just the same.



  9. Dear TRG,

    One of your best stories ever. Subtle until the ending. That might be one way to get her to go to the library. He should be careful what he wishes for, though.



    • Wow thanks Doug that’s a huge compliment! the last line came to me first as a nice ending but now i think there is more story around this than I realised

  10. Ooh, that was cold response to his daughter.
    I bet her mouth either dropped to the floor – or she yelled, “D-a-a-a-a-a-d” as she fled the room.

  11. Oh my! What parents tell their children. 🙂 Libraries are very productive.


  12. Dear Reclining Gentleman, WOW – I bet she was surprised! How funny! This is so funny and a great way to get your child’s attention. I know a speaker at a University Graduation began his speech to the graduates “These walls at the library are where I conceived my thesis for one of my degrees and my parents have stated that I was conceived in the Library between certain shelves in the dewey decimal system. Funny – and it was a great speech – he’s from India and a great man. I absolutely love your story – you are so clever and entertaining! Thanks for the good laugh! Nan 🙂

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