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Friday Fictioneers – Winner

30 January, 2015

I’ve always admired postmenandwomen, the way they come to our houses every day, whatever the weather. And usually wearing shorts. But e-posties impress me more – they deliver all over the world instantly. That’s commitment. Every Wednesday, the e-postie who lives in my computer hands me a prompt email from Rochelle. And all over the world, e-posties are doing the very same thing for millions of other FriFicers.
Here is this week’s pic:


and my 100 words will follow shortly.


But first, and I don’t often do this, a little bit of explanation. In the first series of Pop Idol, the finalists were Gareth Gates – the cute teen lad with the angelic voice and endearing stammer – and Will Young – the mid-twenties handsome guy with a strong voice. Gates was the obvious pop idol, to take the name of the show literally, but Young was by far the better singer and he won. Simon Cowell, the record producer who was a judge on the show and was supplying the winning prize of a million-pound record contract, was reportedly livid backstage when the announcement came. This was not how the result was supposed to go…




Cameron Sewell, host of Star Finder, read from the glittering results card.

“And the winner is…”

…the tension…

…in the two finalists’ faces…

…and the spectators’ shouts…


“…Kelly Rose!” he shouted. The audience cheered, Kelly screamed. Cameron kissed her rivered cheeks and slid the card discreetly into his pocket.

Around the country, across social media, viewers suppressed their disappointment at their favourite’s defeat by wishing Kelly well.

Far removed, in a basement of cables and connections that counted viewer votes, a single switch lay in the “off” position.

Cameron, millionaire record producer, knew he would be the real winner.



  1. Very clever. Only, you’ve got me wondering about rigged votes. 🙂

    • Well there was that controversy a couple of years ago about competition winners. But I’m sure they wouldn’t fix something this big. Probably.

  2. I hope you’re not inferring that X Factor’s fixed. I won’t hear a word said about it. At all. 😦

  3. I always have to wonder about those really close contests that should not have been.

  4. Excellent! Certainly an eye opener, especially with all the “talent” shows going on all over the world.

  5. Oh, that sly devil! Nice take on the prompt.

  6. A true Sneaky Pete. Great take on the prompt

  7. These Camerons! Always rigging the vote! Allegedly, y’r honour!
    Do I detect a near anagram?

  8. And this is precisely why I elect not to watch these types of shows. Nicely written!

  9. Oh no! Dishonest dealing in televisionland? I’m devastated. Well told.

  10. Cameron must have also worked the voting in Florida elections, too. Randy

  11. ‘rivered cheeks’… nice.

    p.s. I agree about Rochelle… neither rain, sleet nor snow…

  12. Dear TRG, Good story and I agree with electronic voting – you calibrated the machines? Have a good week! Nan 🙂

    • The most worrying thing about electronic voting is that the system knows who voted for who which can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. And if they decide they want to introduce it, we won’t have a say.
      What a happy thought to start the day!

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