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Friday Fictioneers – Rejection

30 October, 2015

After the music fades, after the empty glasses have been washed up and put back in the cupboard, after the ticker tape and streamers have been swept into bin bags and left out for the dustmen, life returns to normal and we carry on as we were. And although last week we all celebrated Rochelle‘s third anniversary with a freebie rerun, this week we are back to creating 100 words of brand new fiction.

This week’s pic comes from the viewfinder of Dale Rogerson:


and by clicking here you can visit the Land of the Blue Frog who guards everyone’s stories. Or you can read on and see what words I found in my brain this week…



I opened the front door nervously. Today was decision day, but the silence answered none of my questions.

The study door was open. She was not there, neither was her laptop. Or her chair. A broken teacup had wept its contents onto the floor.

I rushed to the garden, to her Thinking Swing. Again, empty.

From the stream peered the limbs of her chair, and I guessed that below it lay another laptop, on its hard drive another novel, rejected.

This process is never easy for her. But soon afterwards a new novel is born, and it is always better.



AUTHOR’S NOTE, 30TH OCT – I wrote this with the idea that the decision was from the publisher for a finished novel, hence the word “rejected” near the end and the title. After the comments left so far, I re-read and realised the references to a publisher had been cut in an edit along the way, giving the whole piece a different angle and suggesting the rejection was by the author character. Does this make it better? Worse? I don’t know, but it’s interesting to see how one word can be so crucial to the text.

  1. The torment of wrestling a muse into submission.
    Good piece.

  2. Enjoyed this. A very apt take on the prompt.

  3. Unlocking that creative block – freedom. Great piece

  4. “A broken teacup had wept its contents onto the floor.” That is a glorious sentence.

  5. Dale permalink

    I love your take. And I had the same reaction as Joseph… that phrase is wonderful.

  6. TRG. I saw this as a publisher’s rejection, not one by the muse. You set the scene delightfully and filled it in with the perfect details.

  7. Yup, me three, or four, about that phrase. (In case you don’t understand me, I’m german, and the me, too, me three… is an old joke about a chancellor whose English was very bad).
    Did you edit this? I had no trouble understanding what you mean, and love it. The couple needs a good supply of office chairs, though.

  8. Dear RG,

    She must go through a lot of laptops and chairs this way. I loved the image of the teacup weeping its contents. Nicely done.



  9. I read is as a muse, and enjoyed the imagery.

  10. Vivid scenes of rejection! You’ve painted them well.


  11. Good story. Throwing away chairs and laptops is an expensive way to write. It makes a good story though. Well done RG. 🙂 — Suzanne

  12. Oh the torment of rejection… I think we sometimes rather avoid writing than facing criticism… maybe that’s why we all prefer the instant sugar-rush of blogging.

    • I like your phrase “sugar rush of blogging” – that’s very true, it’s an instant hit (or not!) rather than the slow burn of any longer writing

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