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Delilah’s Fiction Relay – Part 7

11 November, 2015

The baton of Delilah’s Fiction Relay has passed to me, which means it is my turn to pick up Rosalie’s story. If you haven’t been reading the relay so far, click here for the quick summary of previous chapters, and here for the homepage that explains what the Relay is and who the Relayers are.

Right then, everyone ready and up to date? Pull up a drink, pour yourself a nice comfortable armchair and here we go with..



Charlie placed Rosalie’s phone carefully into her bag and held it in front of him for her to take. “I think the question you should be asking,” Charlie said with a self-satisfied smirk, “is how somebody of your… qualities… managed to lose her bag and phone in the first place.”

Rosalie’s face remained completely blank, only her eyes blinking twice, quickly, hinted at her unease. What did he mean by qualities? And what had he found out about her in the course of finding her bag? She presumed he had looked inside it, he seemed the sort of creep that would get pleasure from that, but she was professional enough, discreet enough, to know that nothing in there would have given her away. She took her bag casually, but held its two sides together tightly, preventing wandering eyes from invading it any further. “I’m not really sure how I lost it,” she said, keeping her student persona intact, “One minute I had it, the next it was gone. Rushing for a lecture you see.”

Charlie raised a single eyebrow. “If I’d lost my phone,” he said, placing his hands in the pockets of his smartly-tailored trousers and rocking on his heels, “the first thing I would do would be to check it. For messages and so on.” He leant to one side just a few degrees, half-attempted to peer behind her into her room.

Shit, messages. It had only been a couple of hours but what how many had she missed? How much could it have cost her? “Oh, I don’t really get that many messages,” she shrugged with attempted indifference. As if on cue, the phone beeped twice, alerting her to a text. Rosalie’s eyes widened, her teeth clenched. Charlie picked up on the involuntary body language and smiled. He was at best an… unusual character, at worst the sort of neighbour that everyone says was a bit of a loner when the news teams arrived for interviews. But his transformation intrigued her. An ordinary resident of the block would only see a shower, a shave and a sharp suit, but Rosalie knew better. Nobody appeared so dramatically different so quickly in the same day unless their job, or perhaps more accurately the work they were hired to do, required them to. What work that was, she couldn’t tell, but she suspected they may be in similar industries. He had turned up at her door with her bag and phone after all. Maybe he could even be of use.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” he asked, looking to her bag. Rosalie moved it behind her back. He seemed too interested in her phone, more than the average creepy neighbour would be. Shit, what if he had looked on her phone? What if he’d spent half the morning trying different swipe patterns till he guessed right? What if he had snooped through the pictures she had stored there? The pdf documents? Her contacts? What if he had even been party to its disappearance?

Her phone beeped twice again. “Not many messages eh?” Charlie asked through that damn smirk of his. Rosalie couldn’t ignore her phone any longer, she had to get rid of this guy. Her curiosity about him would have to wait. “Listen, thanks for the bag and the phone,” she said through a forced smile, “I owe you, I really do.”

“Well, to show you gratitude, we could always-“

“But I have to get on.” Rosalie pushed the door closed, singsonging “thanks again” as she did so.

“Are you sure that you’re-“ Charlie said to the approaching door, the rest of his question silenced by the slam.

Rosalie grabbed her phone, desperately swiped her access pattern to reveal thirteen new messages. The most recent was from Joey – call me when u get this #urgent.



Where does the story go from here? I’ve no idea – ask IGTBCS, she’s up next…

  1. So many different places to go *aaarrrrgggg* Love it

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