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C – Friday Fictioneers – Chateau de Sable

29 January, 2016

FriFic was a little different for me this week. I received the prompt pic

chateau de sable

(taken by CE Ayr) from Rochelle as normal, but rather than struggle over it for a day or two before deciding on my theme, I had the outline formed in my head after about five minutes. A wonderful feeling that, not having the worry of non-inspiration nagging at me. Also, rather then the picture inspiring me, it was more the name of the picture and the notice on the fence – Chateau de Sable – which my schoolboy french informs me means Castle of Sand. So you may not see much of a link between the image and my 100 words. Or maybe you will.

If you would like to read the entries of the other FriFicers – and I would urge you to do just that – click here to pay a visit to Bluefrogtown. And then, gentle reader, pour yourself a steaming hot armchair, settle into your favourite mug of cocoa, and read my 100 words before leaving your criticism in the box provided.



When we first arrived and marched over the towering dunes, we decided that this would be the best place to set up our fortress. We all had ideas about its size and structure, and soon building began. Work was divided fairly and equally, as are any repairs or improvements. And guard duties. It is my watch. I study the dunes.
A distant figure approaces. Friend or foe? I raise my rifle, give an order to “Halt”

“I won’t tell you again, boys, your father has already started the car. Pack up your buckets and spades or you’ll be left behind.”

  1. Kids imaginations create such real worlds! Love it.

  2. I love the way this twisted. I’d been imagining intrepid voyageurs in the 1700’s building a fort against Indians, Frenchmen, whatever. Then Ta-Da! Children at play.

  3. I think as kids imagination is the best toy ever,

  4. Dear RG

    Delightful twist at the end. I really enjoyed this one.



  5. Foe then. Always someone spoils the role-play. 🙂

  6. I enjoyed this very much although I saw it coming. The kids’ imagination is perfect, I wonder which book they’ve read before they went to the beach…

  7. That is so awesome! “Castle of Sand.” – wish I knew some french…
    This makes me want to go back to playing in the sand. Love the boys’ imagination here. 🙂

  8. Melanie permalink

    Delightful. Kids imaginations make things so altogether real for them in the moment, and you captured that well.

    C – I was a bit surprised there were no internal factions among them. Though peaceful play happens, it seems to me there’s always a fight over the red shovel, or some other such toy.

    • Thanks for reading Melanie, and for your kind comments.
      In the first draft there was a hint towards disagreement during the building that was settled by the biggest boy being right, but it had to go in the editing down to 100 words.

  9. Great twist, RG. I didn’t spot it and I sometimes use them myself. The desert villains better get their stuff packed. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

  10. Had me in – well done. An enjoyable story.

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