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C – Friday Fictioneers – Daffodil

12 February, 2016

It’s an exciting week here at Reclining Towers. Not only am I just days away from my second visit to Reykjavík, but also Rochelle has chosen a picture of mine for this week’s FriFic prompt.


And while I’m not usually one for counting the numbers and noting the milestones on my blog, this is my 850th post. See, I told you it was a big week.

Right, I’ve divided up and allocated the tasks for the next few days and they are as follows:

1. Celebrate my hamster’s birthday.
2. Pack.
3. Fly to Iceland.

1. Click here to visit the world of the Blue Frog and read the words of the other Ficers this Friday.
2. Read my 100 words below.
3. Leave a criticism in the comments box.

Three jobs each seems a fair split of the workload to me. I will be away next week so more than likely I won’t be FriFicing but if I can borrow a laptop while I’m there and inspiration hits, I may just post the most northerly FriFic entry ever.


Right, here come my words. Enjoy. Or don’t enjoy. That’s not really something I can control.



I remember clearly. To avoid the icy atmosphere indoors I was tidying the autumn garden – weeding borders, deadheading blooms – and heard his car drive away. He hadn’t been brave enough to tell me to my face; the note was waiting for me in the kitchen.

During the cold winter, I didn’t step through the back door once. Was I subconsciously blaming the garden for him leaving? Did I fear being out there would unearth that shock again? Who knows.

But today I turned the key, walked outside. The daffodils were standing proud, the tulips were returning. The sun felt warm.




  1. What note? You’ve got us guessing. Well done

  2. I love the feeling of ‘wondering’ you leave with this post. What note? Did he return? Why can’t the protagonist go out?And I certainly enjoyed your photo which prompted me to write and rejoin the Friday Fictioneers after a long break. Thank you on many levels!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you got so much from my few words! You are welcome on all of those levels and it’s good that you are FriFicing again 🙂

  3. She was better off without him!! Never neglect your garden for a man, because a good man will encourage you to plant flowers! (haha) By the way I love this photo.

    Congrats on a big week! Tell your hamster I said happy birthday and enjoy your trip!

  4. Congrats on the 850th post and thanks for sharing your photo!
    And oh, you have us guessing and wanting more this week! Love the imagery.
    Enjoy your trip!

  5. What a coward! The garden blooming might be symbolic… Perhaps her life will change again, or not but it sounds like in her mind she is moving on. Good for her.

  6. 850 posts! Congrats! Happy birthday to your hamster, thank you for the photo, it’s a fun prompt, and I’m envious about your trip to Rejkjavik. Now to the story… I really loved how the activities and emotions were tied to the garden and the seasons. Work in the garden to escape the icy atmosphere and be rewarded with flowers and new hope in spring. Beautiful.

  7. Dale permalink

    Congrats on number 850! Thank you for the lovely photo that inspired so many different stories. She should just be happy he’s gone… He’s a coward anyway…

  8. Spring – a wonderful pick-me-up for the weary and down-hearted. Nice one.

  9. Oh the woes of being dumped. Poor lady. I’m glad she got over it all, however, and her neglect of the garden wasn’t permanent. How lovely that the flowers and the warmth of spring do return – figuratively and in fact. Thank you for the prompt. It’s inspired some good stories this week. And congratulations on your blogging milestone.

  10. You can mourn the end of a relationship during winter but come spring it’s time to get back out there with the hoes! (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself) Enjoy your holiday.

  11. Beautiful story… love the progression of loss and renewal of life

    Enjoy your trip!

  12. Good story, RG. I agree that she was better off without someone who didn’t have the nerve to even explain to her face and talk it over. I was glad to see she recovered from it and the coming of spring helped. Thanks for the great picture, RG, that made all the stories possible this week. Wish a belated Happy Birthday for me to your little lady hamster. I hope you had a good trip. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, yes I think this is a story of hope and the return of the flowers reflect that.
      I will pass on your wishes to my little lady – I fly out tomorrow and I’m sure I will bore you all with pics and anecdotes when I get back!

  13. Dear RG,

    Daffodils are my favorite flowers. Thank you for a lovely pic. Happy birthday to your hamster. There are always reminders when someone leaves, aren’t there? Well done.



  14. I love the work the garden does in this story – the time passing, the associated emotions, the signal of hopefulness at the end of your story, which as with all good stories is actually a beginning of another story.

  15. Your story reminds me of one of my favourite Beatles songs, ‘Here Comes The Sun,’ acknowledging the harshness of winter but full of the hope of spring. Sometimes we need to sit tight for a while in order to heal and emerge stronger.
    BTW, nice photo prompt – it certainly seems to be stirring up a lot of emotional stories

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