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Friday Fictioneers – Neighbours

18 March, 2016

It has been budget week here in the UK and George Osborne has been announcing increases in the cost of beer, reductions in company tax rates, adjustments to GDP forecasts. But one thing he hasn’t touched is our word allowance for FriFic, which remains unchanged for the millionth year running.

So once again this week Rochelle has sent us one of her own pics


as a prompt and we stilll have a weekly allowance of 100 words. You can visit the Peoples’ Republic of Frogtopia to see how others have put their words to use, and then you can give mine a quick skim-read…



They moved in two years ago on the opposite bank; their housewarming blared past midnight. I let that go but after a second night, then a third, I strode across the bridge, insisted they keep it down.

Relations soured further when my boat’s engine failed. I was repairing it on the jetty when they came across to complain about the “constant revving”. We’ve barely spoken since.

When the floods came and the bridge was destroyed, it made me realise how fragile we are, how insignificant our squabbles. I made a phone call, suggested we work together to rebuild the bridge.

  1. A lovely message. I know neighbour’s like this! Glad they worked it out.

  2. Can relate to this. Great interpretation of the photo.

  3. A fabulous story and an important message too. Great job.

  4. We are but a drip-drop in the ocean… small… nearly unseen. Sometimes I need reminders like that… to put things into perspective…

  5. This rings so true for many a silly neighbourhood fight. I love the ending, great story.

  6. So true… nothing’s better than a disaster to bury the hatchet…

  7. Sad that it takes disaster to bring sense, hope they can afford a bottle of beer to toast the new bridge.

  8. A nicely observed piece about what divides us and what brings us together. If you don’t mind a suggestion, perhaps it would be more powerful in the sentence “When the floods came and the bridge was destroyed, it made me realise how fragile we are, how insignificant our squabbles …” if you left out the telling of his realisation, and left it to be shown – in other words, delete “it made me realise how fragile we are, how insignificant our squabbles”. The reader can fill in the realisation for themselves

    • Thanks for reading Neil and I welcome all comments and suggestions. I agree, maybe I was telling now showing a little too much here. It would need something instead though i think, otherwise the rhythm doesn’t sit and the word bridge repeats too soon.

  9. An incredibly apt message! Wonderful story! 🙂

  10. So true.
    Sometimes we pick unnecessary fights.
    Thank they got past it.

  11. Wow! A truly uplifting story. I enjoyed this one very much.

  12. Presumably using his boat to cross over in the meantime. Friendship trumps enmity every time.

  13. A happy ending! Yay! In a well written tale.

  14. A beautiful story!

  15. A literal bridge and a figurative one — well-done!
    (Sorry, I’d pressed send before I could add to my previous comment).

  16. Nice message in 100 words.

  17. Dear RG,

    Thought provoking and wonderfully written. Your intro is as delightful as your story. The Peoples’ Republic of Frogtopia? Brilliant. I’m tucking that one away for future reference. 😉



  18. There’s an important message in this story. We need each other in many cases.Bridge building is necessary. Well done RG. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne. I saw the prompt as a river after a flood, from there it was a simple step to a bridge being washed away and then to rebuilding bridges.

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