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Friday Fictioneers – Hotel

1 April, 2016

I have been researching on this world for many of its orbits around its parent star and although much of what happens is incomprehensible and nonsensical, I have observed various Constants:

  • The tribe which calls itself Friday Fictioneers gathers every seven rotations to share tales with one another. I have yet to confirm the veracity of these tales.
  • Their leader is the one they call Rochelle. They gather upon her summoning.
  • Rochelle sends them a picture (although they call it a “prompt”) by the use of electronic devices. Here is this week’s example:


  • which originates from one of these Friday Fictioneers who uses the name Marie Stratford
  • The tribe tell these tales in a peculiar land inhabited by a mystical blue Frog.
  • Each of these tales consists of only one hundred words.

In an attempt to blend in and gain admittance to the tribe I have also been joining 100 words together in the hope that they form a story. Here is my latest attempt, my 171st…



The nearby Marriot stands thirty-four windows high by seventeen wide. On the increasingly frequent quiet days in this newspaper publishing office, I like to select one of those 578 windows at random – four across, twelve up, perhaps – and watch,  wondering what illegal or illicit adventures might be taking place.

But this morning, my choice was made for me. Window 6×20 opened, flashing the reflected sun into my eyes. A bare-chested man looked out. Behind him, embracing him, kissing his cheek, stood a woman, less clothed than he. A familiar-looking woman.

I called the editor.

“I think I have an exclusive.”


  1. Love love love the intro. And great prompt piece… I hope the caught couple don’t get in too much trouble

  2. I am sure that most of the tribe will love this one.

  3. Maicious serendipity

  4. Another politician ‘bites the dust’. Too bad the window washing crew did such a fine job.

    • Interesting you saw a politician. I never really decided who I thought it was, much less whether it was good or bad they’d been seen.
      Thanks for reading and commenting

      • Having been rather focused on caucuses and primary elections and the related insanity, I guess I am seeing politicians behind every curtain.

      • Haha yes even over here in England the news is full of primarys!

  5. Love the intro…Great story, too! 🙂

  6. Just great, liked it, no loved it.

  7. Your intro was a story by itself. Good story too 🙂

  8. Dale permalink

    I thought the intro WAS the FF piece! And your “official” one was great too…

  9. IfeomaO permalink

    I loved everything from the introduction of the tribe and leader to the call about an exclusive. Sneaky devil ain’t he 🙂 great work.

  10. Dear RG,

    I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, your intro or you 171st story. From top to bottom, I loved every well placed word. 😀



  11. Dear Alien, you blend in well. That 100 word story deceived me, I could have sworn it was told by a human, but you taught us otherwise in your intro. Welcome to our planet, keep up the good work. (Needless to say that I loved both, intro and story.)

  12. Hard to pick which is better – the intro or the story. Great job!

  13. What a great ending twist. The moral of this story is don’t open the window during an affair. well done RG. 🙂 — Suzanne

  14. Some intro this week! You had me laughing from the get go.

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