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Friday Fictioneers – Rock

15 April, 2016

Like all the best ideas, it is essentially very simple.Rochelle sends a prompt pic to hundreds of writers around the world, and we all write 100 words of fiction in response. This week we received this prompt


into our inboxes, courtesy of Kent Bonham

To read the huge variety of works this week, visit the Frogworld where you will find them all linked. And then come back and read mine if you fancy it, and leave me a comment.



The fire at the campus museum was a catastrophe for the Art College and for the nation. Many valuable works were destroyed. The student portfolios stored in the basement were of no value to anyone outside the college, but to the students they were priceless. There were no graduates that year.


Two years on, Donald sketches outdoors, his first works since the fire. He feels nervous, distrusting of paper and its flammable risk. He lays his sketchpad on a rock, looks out again over the panorama.

Rock, he thinks. Solid, eternal.

He wonders if he owns a mallet and chisel.




  1. wow,beautiful piece of words..

  2. Now that’s an interestingly different take on the prompt – focussing on the rock rather than the book. I enjoyed this

  3. I like the direction you took this in. Clever to use the mistrust of fire which destroyed one work and changed his medium of art. I wonder what he’ll come up with?

  4. Well done TRG, well done, indeed!

  5. IfeomaO permalink

    We all seemed to neglect the rock. Well played sir- eternal is the way to go. Cheers.

  6. “There were no graduates that year.” — Ugh! That sentence packs a wallop. Painful story, yet with hope at the end. Nice, TRG.

  7. What an interesting sketch of this artist’s heartfelt loss.
    Also a good reminder to back up my writing files right now.

  8. Mike permalink

    Now that’s interesting, carving my portfolio in stone, the tutors can’t neglect it then. Love your story

  9. So clever it made me smile.

  10. Dale permalink

    I so enjoyed this take on the prompt. Nothing wrong with changing mediums…

  11. Great comment of fallibility of some things and the enduring capacity of others!

  12. It is scary just how vulnerable paper is, and we have stored so much on it for centuries. I also wonder just how vulnerable electronically stored information will be. Donald might be on the right track. Rock’s pretty durable. Great take on the prompt. Thought-provoking.

    • Hi Margaret, thanks for reading and for commenting. You’re right, paper is relatively speaking quite a temporary medium. Even books that are “only” a couple of hundred years old can only be handled by a select few people wearing gloves. But paper has a longer life than digital media. I’ve got work stored on 3inch floppy disks which I have no chance of ever accessing. Even 3.5inch is on the way out, and CD rom will be next and then USB drives. And i don’t trust things like The Cloud, it just takes one cleaner to unplug a server to plug in the hoover and everything vanishes! Rock is the answer but it’s a buit tricky to email πŸ™‚

  13. And a sculptor was born. Well done RG. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

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