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Friday Fictioneers – Barbed Wire

22 April, 2016

This week is a special week this week – not only is it the 90th birthday of our Monarch, Her Britannic Majesty Mrs The Queen Elizabeth the 2, but it is also the Fourth Frificiversary of our very own Queen of Fridays Rochelle. It is with her typical generosity and humbility that she took time out of her celebratiweek to email this week’s prompt pic


which comes from the previous encumbant of the throne of High Priestess of Fic, Madison Woods.

Over at Froggy Island we are all in a party mood, eating jelly and ice cream and playing pass the parcel in between sharing our 100 words, so why not go and pay a visit? After you’ve read mine and commented of course which you can do now below thus following here…


I sell many products to both factions, government and rebel, but whoever they are, when they buy barbed wire it’s for one of two reasons; either to keep someone in or to keep someone out. I don’t ask them which.

There are many things I don’t ask. I’m not hiding from unpalatable truths, I’m just not interested. They buy, they pay; nothing else is my business.

Both sides criticise me for trading with their enemies but I say there’s only side I recognise – mine. I have to make a living, and supplying this conflict is the only thriving industry.




  1. Hmm a good comment of the realities of war. Some will always try to profit. I wonder what will happen to him? Good piece

  2. The character portrait stands out and works. Congratulations on not giving him a hokey moral comeuppance

    • Thank you Neil, I had more to say about this character’s story but only 100 words. A moral comeuppance never occurred to me, he’s doing what he has to do

  3. Practical reality. Good one.

  4. Mike permalink

    Love your style, four and ninety. Thought, it a really bad thing when manufacturing items for control, is thriving more than health care.

  5. That just about sums up trade at the moment doesn’t it? Well done

  6. This is one of many reasons that you should never trust an arms dealer…

  7. Typical for what most do, care about themselves, no questions asked. And if he doesn’t sell it, someone else does. Good story.

    • Thanks for reading GAH. I think he is just trying to make a living in tough times. If he carries on with it after the conflct of course that would be another matter…

  8. If he doesn’t sell it someone else will, right?

  9. Dale permalink

    Guy has to make a living, feed his family. Better to remain neutral and not ask questions…

  10. I don’t think I would let him off so easy. Especially if what he supplies could end up hurting someone or killing them. It is like when people said, ” Oh we didn’t know that was a concentration camp or what went on inside it. We were just minding our own business.”

  11. Dear RG,

    A true mercenary in every sense of the word. At some point I wonder if his conscience won’t kick in?

    Thank you for the delightful tribute. I’m honored to share your spotlight with Her Majesty.



    • Maybe after the conflict he will have time to reflect and consider. But even then will he say he was doing what he had to do to survive? And is he right?
      PS I had a word with her Majesty and she is honoured to share YOUR limelight too 🙂

  12. I would guess he sells more than barbed wire to both sides. He speaks like the true arms dealer. It won’t impact him unless he gets in the way of the war and he can afford good security. Well written, RG. —– Suzanne

    • Yes I think there are other things he sells too. While he serves both sides he seems to be safe but who knows what may happen I’m future. Thanks for reading

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