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Choon Choosday: Overseer – Heligoland

3 May, 2016

The Shipping Forecast is a peculiar broadcast. For those in peril on the sea, it is a vital indication of the weather to come. But its reach goes far beyond those who are actually shipping. For those listening to the cricket on Long Wave, it can be an irritating interruption at times of high excitement. For those going to bed (or already in bed but unable to sleep) it is soothing soundscape poetry.

I am one of those who rarely takes to a boat but loves to hear the forecast at any time of day or night. And this number by Overseer is a reworking of those strange otherworldly phrases and places, interwoven with those feelings of uncertainty and insecurity that the time of 00.48 can bring. Many have parodied the Shipping Forecast, but none have paid tribute to it with such respect and pathos. And nobody else has managed to enlist Brian Perkins – the emeritus king of continuity announcement – to recite their words. His voice alone, never mind the rolling waves of strings – are enough to make this a




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  1. I just love sailing and love the shipping forecast – those names of the areas are so comforting.

    • It’s wonderful isn’t it? I haven’t got over the renaming of “Finisterre” yet.

      • I still haven’t got over Marathon being called Snickers after a horse. If we love things we hate change. I can understand the change in Finisterre, I once got confused because the Spanish have a smaller version off the cape of Finisterre in La Caruna. But I do like the new name FitzRoy. Heaven knows that most sailors have old pilots books and will definite be confused now.

      • But if they hadn’t changed Marathon to Snickers i wouldn’t be able to make my “isn’t it called the London Snickers now?” joke once a year.
        Fitzroy is a good name i’ll grant you, and I read a fascinating biography of Robert(?) Fitzroy a while back, most of which i have now forgotten.
        But i do so love the name Finisterre, it has that “here be dragons” feel , suggesting that if you head off into the atlantic there is no telling what you might find…

      • Fascinating. Think I’ll have to reblog this – that okay with you?

  2. Reblogged this on SNIPS & SNAPS and commented:
    I just have to reblog this Choon Chooseday blog from “The Reclining Gentleman” who is also from Southampton. Heligo is a reworking of the Shipping Forecast by Overseer. If you find ships interesting and listen to the shipping forecasts like us here, you will love it. Be warned though many might find in boring.

  3. The weather forcast is woven into the fabric of those who live close to the sea, But less now than before I suppose. I enjoyed listening.

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting, I’m glad you enjoyed the choon. If the predicitons are correct that the UK can expect milder but stormier winters from now on, as we have had the last two years, i think the forecasts will be more vital, whether on the coast or inland

  4. That’s brilliant. I always feel that all’s well with the world when I hear Brian Perkins’ voice.

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