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Friday Fictioneers – Walk

27 May, 2016

It’s a little known fact that the word”Friday” is in fact derived from the name of the ancient Hindu god Freyd, who was overseer of the Holy Writings. In later, westerner, cultures the name morphed into Fryd, the protective deity of Scribes and of Storytellers, and it is clearly only a small step from there to the name Frid and hence Friday. Frid, of course, is the patron saint of Making Up Rubbish To Flesh Out An Intro, and is greatly revered in the artistic discipline JustPutThatIt’llDoForNow of which I am a devotee.

Here is the Sacred Prompt Pic that High Priestess Rochelle bestowed upon us this week


a picture from her very own collection.  Those seeking further readings can visit the Altar of the Blue Frog but make sure you come back to read my scripture below. And afterwards, why not leave your own verse in the holy comment box?



Three weeks ago I left my home town carrying the only bag I had time to fill. I walked, as we all did, away from the gunfire, the rockets, the mortars; sleeping where we dared, eating if we could. But the sounds followed us.

The pavements overcrowded, overflowed, and then so did the roads.

The road ahead is finite but we have to keep walking, to try to block out what lay behind us.

And today we reached the coast. We can’t turn back, we have to find a way forward, across the water. Not knowing what might await us.



  1. I hope this is the one who survives the crossing. Well told.

  2. A story of hope and despair, unfortunately close to the reality of so many in this world. There were a couple commas I mentally added to smooth out the sentences, and some words I mentally dropped, but all in all a lovely story. One that touches the heart and leaves me wanting to know more. The narrator seems to be a gently soul, and yet so full of strength.

  3. A story of our times – sadly.

    Oh dear, the tribe will be starving by then! Can’t beat a good mermaid story.

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings

  4. michael1148humphris permalink

    The way ahead was and is so grim for some,

  5. I thought of a World War I story in that, although I’m sure it’s everyone’s story in war-ravaged areas. An out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire type of scenario.

    Super good, RG! 🙂

  6. Very contemporary take on this one. Great write.

  7. I like where you took this with the story about refugees.

  8. A powerful story, well-told! The plight of Syrian refugees, and other refugees fleeing in boats is the new international tragedy of our our times.

  9. Dear RG,

    A powerful survival story, fraught with fear and hope. Now about that intro. You have a brilliant imagination, I’d say. I enjoyed the intro as much as the story.

    Feel free to worship at the holy altar of my comment box. 😉



    • Thanks Rochelle
      I enjoy writing a new intro each week as much as I enjoy writing FriFic 🙂
      And yes, I know, I’m sorry, I am very lax at commenting, but I am trying to find more time to put that right…

  10. Oh I see this as something happening today again as it has done so many time in the past… so well told, and we know that the sea cannot stop the flow…

  11. What a sad world we live in where the dangers ahead are still better than what was left behind. A timely and touching story.

  12. Very humorous intro but serious and heartrending story based on today’s happenings, RG. We hope we won’t hear of more drownings but we always seem to. Well written. —- Suzanne

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