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Friday Fictioneers – Recluse

3 June, 2016

It’s been quite a week here at Reclining Towers. Let me tell you about it.

On Monday I was bitten by a radioactive centipede while I was in the library. I managed to catch it and on Tuesday I took it to the university for testing. They said it had been eating books and had somehow consumed every word in the english language. On Wednesday I went to the hospital and they could find nothing wrong but then Rochelle‘s email arrived with this week’s prompt pic from Piya Singh


and that’s when the full effect of the radioactive bite became clear. Because now, thanks to that centipede, whenever I see a prompt pic, exactly a hundred words course through my veins and into my fingers. Which is quite handy really because I need to type 100 words to participate in FriFic every week. As do all the other members of the tribe over on Froggy Island.

So what were those mysterious hundred words that my new superpower gave me? Funny you should ask. They are these…

*** EDIT – 100 WORDS NOW INCLUDED! I was being so smart writing an intro I forgot to copy them in ***


I have everything I need here. I may not have electricity but there are trees for cooking and warmth. I don’t have money but the berries, the mushrooms, the rabbits, the fish, the occasional possum that stops by; they’re all free. The brook outside my front door brings me fresh running water. I even have a solar radio so I wouldn’t need batteries if I ever turned it on. But why would I want to? What happens outside this clearing doesn’t affect me any more. I’m content here, I wouldn’t want to go back. Even if I was allowed to.


  1. What a peaceful place. Dont think i could do without the Internet tho 😆

  2. I loved the book chewing radioactive centipede. I really thought it was the story until I read down. It had me hooked

  3. There are times when I could identify with his philosophy. Good one.

  4. I like your introduction! Centipede = 100 words – and that last line is a stunner.

  5. I think the last words says it all, and opens up the possibility for another (bigger) story.

  6. ‘Even if I was allowed to.’
    Now you have me wondering…! Nice cliffhanger!

  7. Dear RG,

    Radioactive centipede? Fascinating. 😀 Your story paints such an idyllic picture until that “Oh snap!” last line. Well done.



  8. “even if I was allowed to” that got me. Great little story

  9. Quite a build up to your idyllic 100 words. Enjoyed the story and the radioactive centipede.

  10. Sounds to me like he’s making the best of his circumstances – a sort of ‘bloom where you’re planted’ type. I’d love to know why he’s not allowed back – your last line is a beauty. Fun intro too. I could do with a centipede like that.

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting Margaret. I think you’re right, and i sense a defiance in him aswell – “if you’re not going to let me back then i WILL make the best of this”
      As to what he did and why he isn’t allowed back, well I don’t know. Maybe i wil find out on another Friday…

  11. Good intro and story, RG. What a great final twist. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

  12. Two more words and you could have added “So there!” lol

  13. That intro was indeed intro-esting. 😀 I also loved the edit. And, the story is great, too. All peaceful and back-to-naturish, and then, wham, the last line. Great story where the reader sits up and wants to know more.

  14. michael1148humphris permalink

    Now I wonder what happens when them back there, turn of his supply of food?

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