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Friday Fictioneers- Night

24 June, 2016

Hello everyone. How are you all? Sorry I was missing last week, it’s been a(nother) hectic week. I mentioned the other week that I had found a new job, and last week there was a huge amount of paperwork to get done but now, finally, I have given my notice in. Hurrah, I am free at last.
Now that is out the way, my time is a bit more my own so when Rochelle sent this week’s re-run prompt pic


from Rich Voza I was able to knock together 100 words of flash fiction. Over in the People’s Republic of Frogtopia you will find all the other FriFicers gathering around the virtual fireside and sharing tales over brandy and cigars deep into the night. Try to prise yourself out of your chaise longue and back over here long enough to read my effort though. If not for my sake, think of the centipede – that guy puts a lot of work in every week. Thanks.



The airport tannoy bing-bongs into life, and pulls me abruptly from my sleep. A pre-recorded voice announces boarding for the 2:15 flight to somewhere I’m not going. I yawn, stand, stretch. Outside, the sun flirts with the horizon, but stays teasingly above it. The 2:15 the announcement referred to is the a.m. variety but in June, terms like “day” and “night” lose their meaning so far north.

Some of those around me gather their bags for their somnambulant walk towards the gate. And soon, so will I. My flight will be called and I will return home to the darkness.




  1. Very clever, the long dark night is not so much dark or long…. I enjoyed this

  2. The sun flirting with the horizon was a great piece of wordsmithing

  3. I think i know nights like this… when dusk mingle with dawn… soon I will go north,

  4. Lots of folks in Alaska have dreams like this.

    Nice work this week, TRG!

  5. Good story, RG. You give us a good sense of the feeling that far north where days are much longer. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

  6. Dear RG,

    I’ve been in Alaska in July at that time of the morning. The sun teasing the horizon is an apt description. i think they have about 20 minutes of dark at night this time of year. Somnambulant walk was pretty brilliant, too.



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