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Friday Fictioneers – Stranger

1 July, 2016

These are extraordinary times over here in Britain. Last week the nation voted to leave the EU, a move which has divided the nation – in some ways almost literally as it resulted in Scotland seriously considering another referendum on leaving the UK.

The Prime Minister announced his intention to resign, prompting a leadership contest for the Conservatives which will result in a new PM for the nation. I know, we don’t get a directly-elected leader. And we don’t have a written constitution. What a country. Whadda ya gonna do huh?

Labour turned on itself, as it often does in times of flux, and is desperately trying to get rid of its leader, who is digging in harder with every threat, insult and resignation from his own shadow front bench.

The England football team were knocked out of Euro2016 by unfancied lowly first-timers Iceland forcing the resignation of the manager.

Saints sold Sadio Mane for £34million and appointed a new manager to replace Ronald Koeman, who resigned two weeks ago.

The world is on the fast track express route to heck in a handbag and I can’t keep up with events.

Luckily, amongst all this turmoil and uncertainty, we can rely on the constants, the rocks upon which we build our lives. Whatever madness may be befalling the country, the email system still works and Rochelle can still get a prompt pic through on a Wednesday. This week’s


comes from her own collection and inspired over a billion writers across the galaxy to put finger to keyboard to generate 100 words of FriFic. You can read them all over in Frogtopia if you like. And in between refreshing my BBC and Daily Echo news pages, I managed to bash out a century of words to. Here they are…



I didn’t talk to the neighbours when I moved here; I kept my door closed, my private life private, my boy safe. When venturing outside was unavoidable, I kept the shade on the pram up and my eyes down. The less questions I answered, the less lies I needed to invent.

“You’s a brave girl bringin’ a baby here when winter’s comin’,” a local said. I half-smiled, shrugged, walked on.

But now, at last, nights are shortening, days are brightening, the thick-frosted windows are beginning to thaw. I no longer freeze when headlights pass outside. Spring will be here soon.

  1. Very gripping – If this was a TV drama I would be hooked

  2. Oh yes. I love this post-Brexit story. Britain now has to decide what it is and where it’s going. I like your direction of travel

    • Thanks Neil. It may turn out eventually that many of us are wrong and Brexit is the best thing that ever happened, but the route there has been horrendous so far

  3. michael1148humphris permalink

    Who created this mess? it’s so sad that fear gripped a nation. As for the story, I like it.

  4. Oooo and what will the spring bring? Very well told, I’m worried for her

    • Thanks Laurie!
      Will she begin to venture out more? Will she speak to and even bond with the neighbours? And will it be safe for her to do so? I wish I knew…

  5. “days are brightening” From your fingertips to God’s ears. A very thought provoking tale.

  6. Less answers, less lies. I like it.
    We are enjoying strange days in the States as well. It’s a big ol’ three ring circus.

  7. What does it say about me that my first thought was that she stole the baby? 😦 Nice one.

  8. Dear RG,

    She’s obviously running from something.Well done.



  9. It is a captivating read.

  10. Spring and hope always seem to go together.

  11. That sounds like the beginning of a mystery. The way things are happening today it’s a wonder someone didn’t report her to the police for being a suspicious person. Well written, RG. 🙂 — Suzanne

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