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Friday Fictioneers – Home

14 October, 2016

As a super special treat for you this week, gentle readers, there will be no lengthy intro. Just a quick thank you to Rochelle for this prompt pic:

lampsOther writers have shared their 100 words over on Froggy Island.

Here are mine:


After the children moved away, we would wonder if the time had come to sell the house. It’s too big for two, I’d say, we could find a nice bungalow out in the country or down by the coast. Let’s look after Christmas, he would nod, or maybe in the summer. Or after next Christmas, or next summer.

And now, the house is too big for one.

When the evenings draw in, I don’t use the electric lights, I prefer candle-lamps. The rooms feel smaller, I can’t see the empty spaces.

Perhaps after Christmas I will move. Or next summer.





  1. Interesting how as we get older, we believe the time available to carry out plans expands

    • Time is a very strange concept. It moves in one direction at a strictly regular speed (gravity and space travel etc not withstanding of course) but we perceive it in so many different ways.

  2. Lovely piece. Feels like they know they should leave but are attached to house and the memories there.

  3. Very touching and well-written, not many choose to make changes unless they are forced to.

  4. This is sad, and yet she doesn’t really want to leave either. The dark can hide a lot in shadow, but I hope she doesn’t let all the memories hide

    • I think she will want to leave now, the house really is too big and full of too many memories. In the first draft she was selling the house, but that got cut for wordcount!

  5. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover permalink

    Beautifully written. Such a sad tale.

  6. Dear RG,

    Such a wistful tale. Nicely done.



  7. This is so beautiful. I love the repetition, and our knowledge that she (?) probably won’t move. I also love the idea that the candle-lamps mean she can’t see the empty spaces. My favourite so far this week.

    • Thank you Claire, such kind praise. }
      In the first draft she had decided to move so I see her repitition as persuading herself that this time she means it. But i can see it reads both ways.
      Anyway what do i know, im only the writer. It’s her choice, and we all know that narrators and characters aren’t always reliable 🙂
      PS ticket bought for 30th Oct, see you there!

  8. I like your intros! Beautiful tale.

  9. michael1148humphris permalink

    When we make a home just right for living in , its hard to leave it. I feel for her.

  10. This is a beautiful tale of procrastination for sure. (And I , too, love your intros!)

  11. Yes, procrastination works as well for one as it does for two.

  12. Nicely written. Memories don’t let one leave the place. Hard to break the ties.

  13. Such a sad story of time moving on and the things (and people) we lose. Beautifully told.

  14. A procrastinator like me!

  15. A touching and realistic tale. I too missed the intro 🙂

  16. So sad, but so beautiful. It is so good to have you back!

  17. Some people seem to think planning ahead brings the end quicker. That’s probably why so many die without Wills. Good writing, TRG. 🙂 — Suzanne

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