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4 November, 2016

Hello fellow Fictioneers, and welcome to what some would have us think will be the last ever FriFic. Because next week it’s Decision Time for you lot over there in the U S of A, and if you believe the doomsayers, the world will come to an end if the one they don’t like wins. We’re either going to Hell in a Handcart or Hilary in a Handbag, according to their respective supporters.

Fortunately, over here in FriFic land, we have an ever popular leader who always has 100% approval ratings, and if she ever had to stand for re-election it would be a landslide, with Fox News calling it for Rochelle before the polls had even opened. This weeks promptipic


comes from Jean L Hays.

You can read everyone’s 100 word fiction over at the Lair of the Blue Frog. And you can read mine here…



After six hours driving through rain and thunder, Albert pulled in, relieved, to the roadside store.

He checked his phone for messages, flicked the remote lock of his Yaris and, admiring the perfectly-preserved vintage advertising boards, headed inside for refreshments.

He took one of the perfectly-aligned glass bottles of Coke and turned to the shelves of chocolate bars, laden with flavours he hadn’t seen since childhood. He made his choice, approached the counter.

“Coke, PowerHouse,” the server said, “twelve cents.” On the counter, newspaper headlines screamed, “CA ELECTS REAGAN GOVERNOR”.

Albert froze, stared.

That had been no ordinary thunder storm.




  1. Oooooooooo very cool…. Love a good time travel mystery 😀

  2. What a great twist. Thanks for the fun

  3. Brilliant, great twist, very well done.

  4. Dear RG,

    I love a good time travel story and this is a good one. I want to know more.

    Thank you for your lovely words in your intro. Yes, we’re all biting our nails over here concerning the election. And that’s all I have to say on the matter. The rest is private. 😉



    • Thanks Rochelle! I think Albert wants to know more about how this happened too!
      I’ve seen close elections before not when there has been such distrust and dislike. Even many of those voting for one side or the other are doing so on a “least worst option” basis. What will happen, whichever way the vote goes, after Tuesday night? nobody knows…

  5. Dale permalink

    That intro was hilarious and the story was great. Was definitely not expecting that!

  6. On the bright side… you can patent every little piece of your car and make a fortune.

  7. Hahahahaha! That WAS no ordinary storm. Funny! 😀

  8. Great take. These places seem to have changed so little, it’s easy to imagine travelling back in time.

  9. That was unexpected. A great take on the prompt.

  10. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover permalink

    If things s go very wrong on Tuesday I think I will be heading to the Tucumcari Trading post and back to a saner time. Nice story.

  11. A little time warp never hurt no body. Love your take on the prompt.

  12. michael1148humphris permalink

    Is there enough room in Tucumcari for all who want to return to friendly politics

  13. Cheap coke, stale chocolate and ancient newspapers.
    Sounds like a fun place for all the family!

  14. Excellent – yes, more time travel indeed. (Fingers firmly crossed for the right result tomorrow.)

  15. Really like the twist, nicely signposted with the flavours not seen since childhood that actually just led me to think it was just old fashioned! Well structured☺

  16. A brilliant twist of time. 😇 superb!

  17. This is great, perfect time travel. I wonder how many pockets of frozen time are around.

  18. It seems Albert isn’t in Kansas anymore. I enjoyed this story. It reminded me of The Twilight Zone. Good writing, RG. 🙂 — Suzanne

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