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Friday Fictioneers – Ticket

30 December, 2016

And so 2016 – oh such unpredictable and unexplicable 2016 – draws to a close. The final email of the year from Rochelle brings this prompt pic


from Shaktiki Sharma, and a mysterious pic it is too. It suggested to me half-recalled memories of a night before, so that’s where I went with it. But where did everyone else’s imagination take them? Find out over in Frogtopia.

Thanks for reading and joining in all this year, and of course chiefly to Rochelle for bringing us all together.

I wish you all a happy 2017.



“Where did you get to last night? Did you remember to buy a lottery ticket?”

My head throbbed, my eyes wouldn’t open. I made a sound like “huh?” but less coherent.

“The paper says someone local won the jackpot.”

I made the noise again, tried to remember. I’d bought the ticket, put it safely in my pocket, then stopped off for a quick drink.

Then I remember cheering and hugging a barman. And a club, cocktails, happiness.

I managed a smile. “Trousers,” I said.

“They’re in the wash, god knows what you spilt on them. Now, did buy a ticket?”



  1. Dear TRG,

    I hope it wasn’t a winning ticket. I think you left a ‘you’ out of the last sentence. Easy to do when you’ve had a few too many. Good one as always.

    Shalom and Happy New Year from Frogtopia,


    • Hi Rochelle,
      I feat the ticket WAS the winner but we will never know now…
      Oops, thanks for spotting the typo, i need to edit that.
      Happy new year, looking forward to 52 more FFs in 17 🙂

  2. Any receptive wife/girlfriend/lover knows to check the pants pockets and the shirt collar after a drunken night. You never know what evidence you might find! I speak as if I have experience but thankfully I don’t. Serves him right.
    Happy New Year and keep your lottery ticket safe,

    • Hi Tracey, thanks for reading.
      Haha I wasn’t counting on the resourcefulness of women – so much more practical than us blokes! Hopefully she has the ticket safe and sound and is making him sweat 🙂

  3. *any respectable wife
    Receptive would be a whole different story. ha ha

  4. Dale permalink

    Well… I never do pockets so I would have washed it too – as I’ve washed countless items… 😉

    • A lesson for us all i think! The worst i have done is wash new clothes without removing the labels – to find everything covered in tiny pieces of stick paper.

  5. Ouch! in many ways. I fear that ticket is pulp by now!

  6. Hahahaha! Good stuff, TRG. When drunk, someone always “ex-speeds the seed limit.”

  7. Oh no, they’ll be saying “if only” for the rest of their lives. Nice one

  8. michael1148humphris permalink

    Funny I saw him giving the ticket to the barman!

  9. If that was the winning ticket…well let’s just hope his lady took it out of his pocket before throwing them in the wash!

  10. Oh no! Well easy come easy go. Fun story. Happy New Year!

  11. As Maxwell Smart would say “Missed it by this much” :/

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