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Friday Fictioneers – Cars

27 January, 2017

It’s a hectic week here at Reclining Towers. Wednesday night is a big semi-final for Saints which if we win or draw sends us to Wembley so I will be in the pub biting my nails and swearing at the telly and the ref. (I am pre-scheduling so by the time you read this you will know the result). Thursday night I will be at the book launch of Swimming Lessons by award-winning author and regular FriFicer Claire Fuller. I’ve never been to a book launch before so I am very excited!

All this diary detail is my way of saying I don’t have time to FF this week so I was delighted to see that Rochelle‘s email this week featured this pic


from Al Forbes which is a revival of a prompt in Feb 2016. So I am treating myself to a week off and a rerun.

Don’t forget to head off to Frogtopia to read everyone else’s 100 words but please come back to read mine and leave a comment.

See you again properly next week!



“Why do you need three cars,” she asks me, “you can only drive one at a time.”

Two of them aren’t for driving, they’re for renovating and showing. And I tow them to rallies on the trailer, so yes, I can drive more than one at a time.

She used to come with me when we first met but now she goes shopping instead. If I’m going to spend money on cars, she says, she’s going to spend some on shoes.

“Why do you need all those shoes?” I ask her, “you can only wear one pair at a time.”




  1. Ooooooo double standards indeed! A good tale but I think an argument is coming!

  2. Sauce for the goose.

  3. And now a trip to Wembley to schedule in 🙂

  4. Dale permalink

    Was a good read the first time and just as much the second!

  5. Dear TRG,




  6. Hahahahaha! Very good, TRG. You wrote about my dad here. Although, my mom never had a view on my dad’s hobby of collecting cars, except that they crowded the drive way! 😀

    You know, this is SO what my dad has been about and very accurately portrayed, too. He used to collect old cars, clean them up and sell them. I have driven vintage models for years thanks to him. Now, I drive a 2012 model Ford Fusion and buy, am I SPOILED by it. But, I still love me old cars.

    Five out of five piston engines!

    • As in so many cases, you can’t beat the old classics. I bet your drive looked like a museum with all those greats parked up

      • Hahaha! Sort of. From the 1950’s and 30’s. Ahhhh! Those were the days. Dad likes to go to car shows still. Old and new.

  7. Asking for trouble with that final question! excellent.

    Click to read my story!

  8. So —- does this mean that women really are from Venus and men really are from Mars???

  9. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover permalink

    Good come back. Your story was a good laugh, thanks.

  10. michael1148humphris permalink

    Liked it the first time and i still like it.

  11. Nicely done, an argument that has raged throughout history and will for ever more, I suspect

  12. We could do this argument by numbers in our house. Shoes and motorbikes. My defence is I’m looking for comfortable ones.

  13. Indeed! It’s easier to drive to cars than wear two pairs of shoes….

  14. LOL. Well that story definitely has a great ring of truth to it. My husband has two cars, one of which he classes as a “classic and therefore an investment”. That’s what he says anyway. And guess what? I love shoes 🙂

  15. That is so cool you live close enough to Claire to support her in that way. Good for you both!

  16. Good story, RG. He has a better point than she does. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne

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