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Friday Fictioneers – Park

17 February, 2017

Hello you. How’s it going? You’re looking well, have you been working out? I love that top by the way.

So, here we are, Friday arriveth again on time’s winged chariot, and we gather around the e-campfire to tell tales long into the night. We’ve all had Rochelle‘s email and seen this pic


which Liz Young took, and we’ve all come up with 100 words each. You can read everyone else’s here in the lair of the Blue Frog, and you can read mine by scrolling down the page…


bit further…


nearly there…



here it is.


When Tara suggested the park instead of studying, Kelly agreed, expecting a walk by the river, watch the ducks, and home by dusk. But when they saw the older kids on the swings, Tara had smiled, waved, grabbed Kelly’s hand.

Kelly drank the beer they handed her, masked her dislike of the taste. She took a cigarette, copied the others, fought back a sickening cough.

One of the lads found a doll in the bushes and it was passed round, kicked like a football, hit with beer bottles, broken. And Kelly laughed along, secretly wishing she was at home, studying.

  1. Poor thing… hope she realises she doesn’t need to follow anyone! Sad story

  2. The casual breaking of the doll was a chilling touch

  3. Hoping she can get over the peer pressure before anything more serious than missing out on some studying happens… Nicely written.

  4. Sad story – let’s hope she learns quickly just to say no.

  5. Dear TRG,

    I think she needs a change of friends and playgrounds. Simple, to the point and well done.



    • Thank you Rochelle. I hope she can make those decisions for herself. If parents intervene and set out rules and boundaries, that can have the opposite effect

  6. This is a wonderful piece of psychological writing. It reminds me so much of my life – never belonging to a gang – getting along with everyone but sticking stubbornly to my principles.

  7. Dale permalink

    Oh the pressures of feeling “part of the group” no matter how bad that group is… WE almost all go through it until we are strong enough to say no.

  8. Simply well told, should be mandatory reading at school. Subject matter – Handling peer pressure.

  9. There’s something about the dynamic of a group that brings out either the worse of the best in people. You wonder how many of these kids felt like Kelly but were afraid to say, “Knock it off.”

  10. Yeah, I have had little adventures like that in the past that never were “me” in terms of what I would have MUCH rather done.

    Nice job, TRG. BTW, I went the ventriloquial way again. Why not?

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting. These adventures are all part of exploring who we are and how we fit into the world (or not). Some come through better than others.
      I’m looking forward to reading yours this week:)

  11. Poor girl, sounds like she wasn’t ready for the older kids’ mentality and hopefully, it’ll put her off that kind of behaviour when she does get older

  12. Hope Kelly learns to say no when it is a NO. Wonderful story.

  13. Peer pressure is so bad… probably many of them wished they were home…

  14. A metaphor for a ruined evening.

  15. I guess that tells the story of many of us getting drawn into the ‘exciting life’. Like Kelly, I often also wished to be elsewhere when I was a kid, but that wouldn’t have been cool. Great story.

  16. Hope she stays home next time.

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