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Friday Fictioneers – Wishes

14 July, 2017

So it turns out last Friday was exactly five years to the day since  I first posted a FriFic. I know, how did I manage to miss that milestone?

Back then it was Madison that sent out the weekly email, but now of course it’s Queen Rochelle 1st who does the magnificent job of keeping us all thinking and writing.

Here’s this week’s pic

which FF regular Janet Webb supplied. You can, as you will know by now, hop on over to Frogtopia to read everyone’s works. And mine, for the 226th time on this blog (yes I’ve missed a few weeks over the years), is below. Sorry for turning such a bright and colourful picture into such a dark tale but we can’t control where the muse takes us right?



So many wishes.

I wish I could go outside.

I wish I could feel warm summer sun, fresh winds, cool rain.

One for every minute of every day.

I wish he would not become so angry.

I wish he would catch an illness.

I used to say my wishes aloud but he heard me.

I wish he would leave.

I wish he would die.

Now I whisper them into the safety of the jar on the windowsill.

I wish he wouldn’t come to me at night.

The morning sun catches the wishes, makes them sparkle. Reminds me I still wish.

  1. Woah, this is powerful and cutting. Heartbreaking… I hope one day those wishes come true

  2. Dark indeed, I admire her for managing to keep going in those circumstances.

  3. That’s a killer last line; “Reminds me I still wish.” I want to scream “Run, girl, run!”

  4. oh my very grim. Nice to have a dark take on such a nice pic, the contrast works well.

  5. Just a matter of time, hopefully. Nicely done!

    Please click to read my FriFic

  6. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover permalink

    I agree with Laurie that was really powerful and heartbreaking. Beautifully written piece.

  7. Dear RG,

    It seems that we started around the same time…back when Madison was queen. Happy FridayFicAversary! 😀

    I wish your protagonist had a happier life. Dark but well written.



  8. That last line offers a small thread of hope in this tragic darkness. Powerful.

  9. I wish for her life to be better. Powerful story.

  10. This is so emotional- well done.

  11. Taut and full of feeling. Wishes are all that keep some people alive.

  12. Powerful stuff – I hope she finds the courage soon to break away, because wishing doesn’t seem to be enough.

  13. Time to break out – reach for the hammer, smash the jar

  14. Every new wish reveals more of her horrible situation. I hope she can free herself.

  15. The morning sun catches the wishes, makes them sparkle This is a deliciously bright line admits a hailstorm of darkness. (I agree with Gabrielle, the structure of the wishes is spot on.)

  16. Amazed at her resilience. You’ve written her well.

  17. Heartbreaking.

  18. How very sad and disturbing, RG. Good writing, though. Belated congratulations on your five years of writing these stories. 🙂 — Suzanne

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