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Friday Fictioneers – Countdown

9 November, 2017

Why hello there. It’s FriFic O’clock once more and I welcome you to my tiny corner of the internet. Rochelle, High Priestess and Professor Emeritus of Promptology emailed this pic

this week, as supplied by Marie Gail Stratford. And as I am off work this week, desperately trying to get my Christmas shopping started, I thought I’d plonk my 100 words on Froggy Island a day early.



The Big Day is approaching, it will be here before I know it. I’ve walked past the shelves on every floor but still I am empty-handed. I picked up a few items I thought might raise a smile of appreciation from their recipients, but when I looked closely they weren’t suitable, and I replaced them. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I search again, growing more desperate. Others have full baskets, smiling faces, but still I have neither. Maybe next time.

Basket empty again, I reach the basement, the final shelf.
Time is up.
What I find here will have to do.



AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m nearing 300 FriFics and I have to admit I am finding it harder to come up with original content; hence I don’t participate every week now. This week I came very close to stepping away from FriFic altogether, at least till after Christmas, but managed to scrape this effort from the bottom of the barrel. So, as well as being a tale of shopping panic, it’s also a metaphor.

  1. This sums up my experience of Christmas shopping nicely.

  2. Online shopping is so much easier!

    • Very true! But if you’ve no idea what to buy you can’t beat wandering around the shops hopefully.

      • I suppose. I just don’t like to shop. Too many memories of tagging along with my mom, who LOVED to just browse through stores to see what they had. BOOOORing 🙂

      • I’m no fan of shopping either, I just like to know what I want and be in and out. No aimless browsing for me!

  3. So close to reality, great!

  4. Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like!
    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  5. Dear TRG,

    You’ve summed up holiday shopping in few words. I think I’ll give artwork and be done with it.



  6. In 1970 working as a fireman while going to school, I had forgotten to get Christmas presents (especially my future wife) and my replacement wasn’t due until minutes before the local stores closed on Christmas eve. So I made a quick list – and lucky my replacement arrived a few minutes early. Ran out, drove dangerously fast to the store, ran in, grabbed all the items on my list, and was the very last shopper to be checked out as the store lights were being turned off.

    So I can easily relate to your story. And your story was nicely written.

  7. Remember, it’s not the gift that counts – it’s the giving! Nice story!

  8. Happens. We vacillate with good intentions and then end up giving it up in tiredness.

  9. By comparing the narrator with other shoppers, you also make your story a metaphor for someone a little apart from convention, a little harder to please – a little less happy, perhaps.

    • Thanks for reading Penny. I hadn’t thought too miuch about the comparison with the other shoppers, even though the narrator does just that. But yes, there is an underlying worry at not being able to please or conform I think.

  10. Dale permalink

    Well, sir, I frankly think this submission is perfection. I am not a shopper either and like to go in, get what I need and get out. Those times where you just don’t know what to get though…. sigh…

    • Wow, thanks Dale. Perfection is quite the compliment!
      I usually start shopping – or at least thinking about it and looking round the shops – around September but I’m late out of the blocks this year, hence my worry/panic that I won’t get it all sorted in time…

  11. All I want for Christmas now is a guide to how to write a story as true to life as this that looks and reads like a poem. I loved it.

  12. It is that time! Wow 300 FF – well done you. That’s amazing!

  13. Oh, so true for many! My husband and his good friend used to go out on Christmas Eve to “man-shop.” I stayed home and went to bed early.

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