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Friday Fictioneers (rerun) – G Force

19 January, 2018

Hello there. Friday again eh? That means only one thing – it’s FriFic o’clock!

I’m cheating this week with a rerun, which I feel guilty about as I only came back from my self-imposed seasonal hiatus last week, but when I saw this J Hardy Carroll’s pic

in Rochelle‘s email, it reminded me of an FF I cobbled together back in 2015. And to be honest, it’s one of my favourites and as much as I pondered, I couldn’t come up with anything better. So I’m going with it again.

If you’d rather, you can go over to Froggy Island to see what everyone else came up with. But if you want, you can read my rehash below.

Yesterday was Day One – Orientation. Meeting tutors and fellow science graduates, comparing Distinctions. But no campus tour. As Professor Aldrin explained, if we can’t plot our own course to the cafeteria, how would we navigate an emergency unpowered lunar slingshot with Comms down?

Today, a field lecture; An Introduction to Multiple-G-Force Acclimatisation. The bus parked, we disembarked via its one small step and entered the complex. ‘One day,’ Aldrin said, ‘that lunar slingshot will rip your body through the unimaginable strain of 7-G, but we start you a little lower down the scale. We call this bad boy “The Carousel”.’

  1. Dear TRG,

    The beauty of a rerun from three years ago is that most of us won’t remember it. And if we do, we can enjoy it again.This was well worth the reread. No apologies necessary.



  2. Have to start somewhere!

  3. Even that would be quite enough G-force for me. Best of luck guys!

    Click to read my FriFic!

  4. That was a fascinating read and since I wasn’t reading FF back in 2015 I’m glad you re-posted it.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  5. Haha! Love it! It’s nicely imagined as well as entertaining. I could imagine Professor Aldrin saying something like that about finding the cafeteria. The little details – like comparing distinctions – give the whole piece a feeling of authenticity. Good, clever writing.

  6. Aaaand.. the beauty of a re-share is some of us might have missed it the first time!
    And I agree, this was a good one very worth resharing…
    That carousel is more than enough for some… 😉

  7. I had never read it before… so for me it was new– love the thought of the struggle to become an astronaut… I actually considered applying once… had a friend who almost made it, she was dropped out second to the last.

  8. I went to a place in Alabama once that had “rides” that mimicked space. I decided to keep my feet on the ground.
    Thanks for the memory 😉

  9. I’ve read about the Carousel. I don’t remember that story if I indeed read it so I enjoyed it thoroughly. That was funny about the lack of a campus tour and made sense. Good writing, TRG. 🙂 — Suzanne

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