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Friday Fictioneers – Bout

2 March, 2018

Greetings from the frozen snowbound wastelands that Britain has become this week. Yes, in the week when Spring officially begins, the whole nation looks like a ball of (very cold) cotton wool, and we have the first Red weather warnings for five years.

None of which prevented the e-postie delivering Rochelle‘s email this week, bearing an appropriately seasonal prompt pic

from J Hardy Carroll.

I managed to chip the icicles off my typing fingers for long enough to thrash out 100 words of fiction which I’ve shared over on Froggy Island along with all the other FriFicFam. And I’ve posted them below aswell.

Keep warm everyone!



Rudy was expected by everyone – not least himself – to be state-wide High School boxing champion. But one week before the bout, when snow fell, he chose to skip training that one evening. Did that decision cost him the title? Or was Jorge’s narrow points win inevitable? Their careers blossomed – independently, parallel – but despite his victories, Rudy could never feel a winner.

Rudy raises his gloves, stares at the far corner. He is ready, he has trained. Every day. Tonight, fighting Jorge, he also fights his own memories, his failings, his younger self.

The bell sounds, the capacity Caesar’s crowd cheers.


  1. I dig it. Full of regret and hunger. Perhaps some hunger he didn’t have as a younger man?

  2. Don’t skip your training!

  3. Dear TRG,

    You’ve written a novel in 100 words. KO of a story!



  4. Dale permalink

    What a fabulous intro. Um… Spring doesn’t “officially” start until March 20. Though you guys over the pond have been seeing crocus and daffs already so I can understand. Oh, no, that’s right. You can’t see them anymore. No worries, Sir, it will melt way faster than ours will!

    Now, as for your story! It is so good. And made me think of the movie “Grudge Match” with Robert deNiro and Sylvester Stallone…

  5. A very filmic feel to the plot. I’d like to see how the final fight ends.

  6. Would be nice if Rudy wins it this time–just hope he doesn’t get his brain concussed.

  7. You have an interesting idea, making Rudy’s mental state the pivot of a plot about a very physical contest. It works. I’m wondering who wins; I suspect it will be Jorge.

    • Thanks for reading Penny. Jorge was I think a better boxer at high school but kids develop at different rates. Will the fact Rudy will be re-fighting that that bout make him more determined or distracted? Will either make a difference? I’ve no idea.

  8. Packed with feelings, and expectations. Best use of 100 words.

  9. This story moves effortlessly from the character’s internal landscape, to his external, and just as effortlessly from past to present. A splendid tale!

    Hope you get a warm up soon!

  10. Rudy could never feel a winner I fear this is a very telling line. There’s a nice pace to this story. Nicely done, TRG.

  11. Thought provoking story!
    Is he Rudy really the better boxer?
    Will he win?
    If so, will it drive out his doubts?
    Or will it be because of luck?
    If he loses, what then?
    Great character!

  12. Nice contrast between his younger self and his present self. I think he can win.

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