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Friday Fictioneers – Gallery

4 April, 2018

Hi everyone, and Happy Easter if that’s a thing that you celebrate. I don’t get involved to any real degree but I do happily have the days off work.

I’ve taken advantage of the extended closing in our office to spend the day studying the prompt pic

which Dale Rogerson took and Rochelle emailed. And since I’m off work I’ve edited already so I thought, as a special Easter treat, I’d post early. You can read everyone’s entries over on Froggy Island, or read mine below…



In the countless years I’ve watched over this gallery, visitor behaviour has changed. During my studies, we knowledgeable few considered the installations in respectful, contemplative silence; committing works to memory or sketching discreetly in a small notebook before returning to halls, inspired, to create our own pieces.

But today, the ordinary public swarm, chattering constantly with friends present or via those telephones they carry. Which they use to take pictures of the works. Whither the discretion, the artistry, in such practice? And their eating and drinking…

I despair, I fear I have to move on, find another gallery to haunt.





  1. What a shock! You are one of the only true FRIDAY Fictioneers.

    By the second paragraph I was wondering where this was going. Nice punchline.

  2. That’s wonderful. A brilliant reveal–and I have to say that’s probably exactly what any ghost might thing when observing us.

  3. I noticed the phones, too, and was going to do a haunted place too. So glad I didn’t and could enjoy your one.

  4. Ghost or not, he is on the ball… it is so true that it feels like no one really pays attention to the art anymore. Take a pic, move to the next one. No taking the time to really feel it.
    Loved this take, Sir.

    • Thanks for reading Dale. Yep, people are so busy recording the moment that they don’t always live in it. See also People At Concerts…

      • Yes… I know I am guilty on occasion of wanting to have a memento of the event…

      • A memento yes, but it is taken to extremes sometimes; spending so much time documenting that they miss out on the experience and the only memories are the digital ones

      • Yes. Not feeling the whole experience. Sad, really.

  5. A sensitive and perceptive piece and I like the way the story is told by a ghost. Sad that so many pictures are taken but so little time is spent in quiet reflection.

  6. Ah, nice last word reveal, and a very observant ghost.

  7. Great twist. Great writing.

  8. Dear TRG,

    Even the most diligent ghost has his limits, I suppose. Particularly a ghost who is an art patron. Well done, sir.



  9. Poor ghost, feeling so out of place. Loved the take.

  10. When I read “In the countless years I’ve watched over this gallery” I’d thought of perhaps fifty years. But when you reveal that the narrator is a ghost, I realised that it really could be countless years. That’s a nice piece of foreshadowing!

  11. gahlearner permalink

    This is spot on, and how sad that a ghost knows how to appreciate art and the living only care about ‘been there, done that, posted it on social media’

  12. That’s an elegant and intelligent ghost. I wouldn’t want to haunt that gallery either. Surely there are still galleries where refined and well-behaved people don’t snap pictures with their phones and slurp and chew while they do.

  13. It’s really just like this on the weekends. Maybe he can take them off 😉

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