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Friday Fictioneers – Home Security

10 October, 2018

Oh, hello you. Yes I know it’s Wednesday but I’m fully under the influence of the Cool Kids now, so here we go.

Rochelle sent us one of her own pics this week:

and as is compulsory traditional round these parts, 100 words have been written, shared with the Frog, and posted below…



Peter came back to the lounge, sat down.

“Who was at the door?” Pauline asked.

“Walter from next door.”

Pauline shared an anxious look with Percy.

“It’s okay,” Peter said, “I sent him away.”

“But…” Percy said, “surely he’ll be back…”

“That Walter guy gives me the creeps,” Pauline said, “just like William from our time on Wood Avenue.”

“Or Wilfred on Straw Street,” Percy added, “he was even worse.”

“Relax,” Peter said flicking the TV off mute, “we’re living on Stone Square now, a much safer neighbourhood.”
He lifted his feet onto a stool and contentedly scratched his chinny-chin-chin.

  1. Little wolf, little wolf, let me in

  2. playful and fun word placement with the alliteration – P’s, W’s and S’s
    had a nice rhythm

  3. Very clever, TRG.

  4. The pigs have finally got it sussed.

  5. The last sentence made me laugh. See the wolf, know the wolf, be the wolf.

  6. Abhijit Ray permalink

    Why does Peter, Pauline and Percy not get along with their neighbours? What have they done?

    • Hi Abhijit, thanks for reading. They are the three little pigs from the fairy tale. Their neighbours are the wolves who keep blowing their houses down! But now they live in a stone house they’re safe 🙂

  7. Wicked! 🙂

  8. Love it!

  9. Perfectly set up. I didn’t get it until the chinnie-chin-chin 🙂

  10. Ha really good stuff! made me laugh, got the pig thing immediately, excellent!!

  11. LOL They say pigs are very smart animals. Your story proves it. Nice job

  12. That was so much fun! Loved it.

  13. Clever stuff! Those wolves are in for a shock when they come down the chimney!

  14. Dear RG,

    There are wolves everywhere. Love this.



  15. Very clever piece.

  16. .I didn’t get it until the end and then i literally laughed out loud.

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