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Wriday Wictioneers – Notes

9 January, 2019

Hello there everyone. Remember me? I used to take part in FriFic but got somewhat way-layed of late by Christmas, New Year, laziness and a lack of inspiration. But I’m back, and for the severalth time I am intending not to miss so many weeks in one go again. Whether I keep to this pledge we will have to see…

Anyway, dear gentle reader, down to business. Her Imperial Majesty Queen Rochelle the First of FriFicdonia sent the weekly email this morning, featuring the latest prompt pic courtesy of Priya Bajpal

And as is the norm (but I have failed to do recently), 100 words of fiction have been mined from the imagination and posted below for you to enjoy read. I’ve also entrusted them to The Frog for sharing too – why not pop over there to see what other literary gems he has to offer?



Adam’s work often took him away from home but Lydia had a way of helping the time pass. Whenever Adam was in her thoughts, she would write herself a note and slip it into a glass jar. And when he returned, they opened the jar along with a bottle of red wine, and read the notes together.

Adam also had a way to pass the time, and he also wrote notes. But he kept them in an inside pocket of his briefcase. He didn’t want Lydia reading them or seeing the names he had written. Or calling the numbers beneath.

  1. Naughty Adam. I hope she finds out soon. Welcome back

  2. I think Adam has found a way of passing the time whilst he’s away. And welcome back… for the severalth time.

  3. Now that made me feel sorry for poor, duped Lydia!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. One day his sins will find him out I’m sure!

    Click to read my FriFic tale!

  5. Nice to see you back! I thought this was a love story and then it took a really dark turn. Really loved it.

  6. Oh dear …

  7. Somehow I had a feeling Adam was a very bad man, even before the notes were “exposed.”

  8. One day he’ll be found out, I hope!

  9. Poor Lydia haha. Weird how they react to being apart in such similar but morally different ways. Great to have you back man!

    • There was a whole section about Adam’s thinking but it had to go as part of the edit. Thanks for reading, and I’m planning on staying this time 🙂

      • Ah man, the edits do tend to cut out a lot. But like with minimalism a whole there is something nice about a 100 word story that is worth the sacrifices.

        I took a hiatus as well, sometimes life gets in the way. You’ll always be welcome back 🙂

      • And it does teach discipline – you have no choice but to cut and to find a shorter way to phrase that sentence.
        Time is short some weeks but I hope to be FFing as much as I can!

  10. What a cad. I fee sorry for poor Lydia. I like how you used the notes to tell this story. Great idea.

  11. You can flit about being lazy and whatever, as long as you come by once and again (more often will not bring a complaint).
    As for Adam, he is quite the cad.
    And Lydia is a poor naive and blind fool.

  12. Did not see that coming. Here’s hoping that Lydia finds those hidden notes!

  13. gahlearner permalink

    I had a hunch that this wasn’t all loving and sweet. And then he read Lydia’s recent more cryptic thoughts while she watched him drink his wine…

  14. Dear RG,

    For you next assignment to your to write, “I will not miss Friday Fictioneers.” As many times as you can without exceeding 100 words. As for Adam…Lydia needs to write notes with someone else. Shame on him. Good write.


    HRM of Fri FicDonia,

    Rochelle (and her little blue frog, too)

    • I’m sorry miss, I’ll hand my assignment in on Monday morning before tutorial.
      That Adam is a bad egg, and doesn’t deserve someone as honest and trusting as Lydia

  15. What is it with these people? I really don’t get a cheater; their fragile little egos that need constant reassuring from strangers.
    Good write…you’ve evoked a powerful response!

  16. One sided relationship, I hope she finds out soon, it’s not fair on her

  17. A bitter-sweet tale. Lydia deserves better, I assume.

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