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Friday Fictioneers – Priest

10 April, 2019

All hail Her Majesty Queen Rochelle the First! Every week, without fail, she sends us all a prompt pic so that we can create 100 words of brand new fiction. All hail also His Ribbitness the Blue Frog who looks after all our works for us.

This week’s prompt pic comes from Roger Bultot:

and my 100 words are below.

I apologise in advance though. If you are outside the UK then you haven’t been able to watch the exquisite Fleabag which finished its second and final series this week. It’s brilliant television. No, it’s perfect television. And if you haven’t seen it, my 100 words will mean very little to you. Hopefully you can take something from them.

So I’m sorry for that, but I couldn’t let a picture of a church go unFleabagged…



“Impressive turnout today, Father.”

“You’re right,” he smirked, “the Fleabag effect. Either they’re looking for comfort after the final episode, or they’re looking for a hot Priest. I can offer the first, but not the second.”

“Chic robes though.”

He smiled.

“A few even talk to a fourth wall over my shoulder. I like to say ‘where did you go just then?’, it makes them happy.”

“Are you worried it’s a temporary phase, like gyms in January?”

“Maybe. But if a few understand all this and keep coming, that’s enough. It doesn’t matter why they come, just that they do.”


fleabag and priest

Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller Bridge in Fleabag. Photo copyright unknown but probably BBC.

  1. I need to catch up on this programme, everyone seems to raving about it just now.

  2. Good stuff, gutted fleabag ended, it was so good, you know she wrote Killing Eve too?

    • I only found out recently so I’ve been watching. I liked the characters, especially that they are strong female central characters, but plot wise it’s not grabbing me 😦

      • Horses for courses I guess, I loved the dual between the 2 main characters, pretty good I think, there’s a new series coming out sometime this year I think and the soundtrack was brilliant

  3. First, your story: Well done, sir! I enjoyed it.
    Second: I am SO gonna watch this series. Yay Amazon Prime! So many good actors in it. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Glad you liked it even without having seen Fleabag! You will love it. I saw this week that amazon are showing it so I’m glad you will get to watch 🙂

  4. I see in the comments that I can watch this on Amazon Prime. And I will 🙂

  5. gahlearner permalink

    You have the best TV, ours is the lamest. I’ll keep this in mind and try to find it. Sounds like something I’d like to see.

  6. You were right. I’m outside the U.K. and it doesn’t mean much to me, but good writing, TRG. 🙂 — Suzanne

  7. I love the series. Stumbled across, when I searched for something to watch. I am so delighted to be able to watch a series from the UK now. A small taste from overseas now and then, reminding me where I come from.

  8. Dear RG,

    Sounds like an intriguing show. Good writing.



  9. Hmm. The dialogue’s intriguing. I like ‘a temporary phase, like gyms in January’. Thanks for the tip about the TV series.

  10. Just watched the trailer. I’ll have to give Fleabag a try. Entertaining story either way! =)

  11. I’m sure we will have an American version in due time. We do seem to like to copy your formats.

  12. not knowing the program to which you refer, doesn’t deter this piece from standing up well on its own. Wonderfully written.

  13. I have no idea what the show is (I’ll look into it on Amazon), but I can understand that a show about a priest inspired people to go to church. I don’t doubt that the effect will wear off for most of them, especially if they’re looking for a hot priest and yours is lacking in that department. Your priest can enjoy it for a while, though.

    • The show is about more than just a hot priest… But I’ll let you find out about it yourself!
      Not all of his new visitors will stay but I’m sure those that do will benefit. Thanks for reading!

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