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Friday Fictioneers – Railing

25 September, 2015

I always enjoy receiving Rochelle‘s email on a Wednesday, as I’ve said many times before. But I enjoyed it a little bit more this week because the prompt pic it included was this one:


which just happens to be copyright Me 🙂 Thanks Rochelle!

To read the 100 words that my picture of the Northam Bridge inspired in others, click here to visit the page of the Blue Frog. Or to read my effort, scroll down a couple of lines…


When things were bad at home I would go to the bridge, sit astride the railing, and wait. With one leg over the hard pavement and the other over the calm water I was in a quantum state, simultaneously at risk and safe. A strong draft from a passing lorry could send me over and I would imagine – fantasise? – their dazzling headlights were the approaching lights everyone says invite you across.

After a few hours I would risk returning home. Opening the door brought that same quantum state; was I at risk or safe? Had his liquid anger passed?



  1. micklively permalink

    I thought I recognised the view but, now I find it’s Southampton, I don’t think that’s likely. I was at the Transit factory about ten years ago, so maybe.
    Good piece.

    • It’s the Northam Bridge, looking back towards Bitterne side. Im not sure the flats were there ten years ago, or not all of them anyway. Ah, the transit factory. It’s just an empty shell nowadays sadly, has been for a while. Im sure it will be houses soon, just like the old Pirelli site nearby.
      Oh, and I’m glad you liked the piece 🙂

      • There was me, thinking it was located in one of the Nordic countries!
        A well told tale, RG — “liquid anger” certainly is a two-word description that says a lot succinctly.

      • Nope, it was an autumn evening in merry old England!
        Thanks for reading

  2. Good story RG, and well written. I loved the comparison of the bridge with the child’s home life with an alcoholic father. Thanks for the picture that’s leading to so many good stories. 🙂 — Suzanne

  3. Excellent story, really liked that. And a great picture too.

  4. Dear RG,

    Thank you for a great photo. Liquid anger…good line that says it all in so few words.



  5. ‘liquid anger’ is such a vivid image.

  6. Lovely take and thanks for the prompt.

  7. Really great story. I like the repetition of risk and safe. “Liquid anger” is a great phrase, evocative.

  8. Thanks for the photo. So many people have found so much in it.

  9. Liquid anger, so true for many. Thanks for the photo prompt.

  10. So true.. to be there on the edge.. maybe just feeling it there on the railing it feels easier to handle than the liquid anger.

    • Thanks for reading Bjorn. I guess the knowledge that going over the edge into the water could be an option, that a makes the bad times easier to cope with

  11. Love your take. Life is full of edges, ledges and bridges.


  12. Francesca Smith permalink

    I suppose, whichever he decides to turn to, life or death scenarios are ever present. Thank you for the picture too.

  13. Dale permalink

    We sort of went along the same road, so to speak… walk away from a situation that is making us sad/mad, etc.

  14. I was just telling my husband the other day about how Friday Fictioneers is filled, absolutely filled with brilliant, imaginative, moving, elegant writers — and here, I see all of those attributes.
    What a story!
    That last line blew me away (no quantum state here)!

  15. Excellent story and very nice photo.

  16. I guess if no-one sees them fall they’ll still be “safe” in a state of quantum superposition 🙂
    Seriously though, great last line – really brought home the darker side to this story. “Liquid anger” is a very apt description.

    • You’re right, it’s just like the falling tree in the forest!
      Thanks for your kind comments, “liquid anger” has impressed a few people this week

  17. Liquid anger won me over too – I also liked your quantum states, very clever word use.

  18. Well done. Great balance within and unbalanced state. And thanks for the great picture. My “thanks” didn’t show up on my post, although I know I put it there. Kudos

  19. What at thing to ponder on a bridge, a very delicate state. The bridge really reflects that well, and then to return to something equally as risky, but in a completely different way. Very well done. Thanks for the photo this week!

  20. Very well written. “Liquid anger” and “quantum states” tell stories of their own…

  21. I liked your comparison between balancing on the rail of a bridge and returning home to a very bad situation.

  22. Life is like that – going from one state of imbalance to another.
    Good read. Randy

  23. Life can be a delicate balancing act for many people. I like how you’ve shown this character’s dilemma, and the sense that he really can’t do any more than just keep on balancing. Great photo too.

  24. I love this bridge. When I was a schoolgirl I used to jump off it at Spring Tide – with so much dumped in the river nowadays – it would be too dangerous.

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