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Friday Fictioneers – Tradition

To some, Wednesday is Hump Day. To us Frificers though, it’s Prompt Day when Rochelle‘s email pings into the Inbox with it’s prompt pic Read more…

Choon Choonsday: Joris Voorn – Incident

It’s a trip back to yesteryear this week as we revisit a 2003 house classic. It’s all about the piano breakdown in the middle of course, but there is so much more than that to enjoy. It’s impossible to sit still or to stop those toes a-tappin when you are in the presence of such a




Friday Fictioneers – Prototype

Friday. Fictioneers. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

I’m not a huge fan of rock, or 70s rock especially, and big-haired bands with high-voiced vocalists in particular tend to do nothing for me. But sometimes a song cuts through your defenses and finds itself on your Like List despite your expectations. Whole Lotta Love is one of those songs.

Alot of it is down to that legendary riff, and the fact that the bass backs it up and gives it more strength. And then there is that reverb-filled breakdown in the middle when the producer and the engineer play with all the buttons on the desk. That gives it an extra dimension than just being a rock song and raises it to the status of




Friday Fictioneers – Fraternité

You know the FriFicin’ score by now – every week Rochelle sends everyone a prompt pic:


and all of these writers are inspired to create 100 words of fiction. I went off on something of a tangent this week, and to tell the truth 100 words wasn’t enough to fully tell the tale that I found between the mental cushions of my cerebral sofa. But that’s the point of FriFic – to tell a story in 100 words, and if your story needs more, tough. Work out how to tell it anyway. Here is the result of my condensing and revising:


Jacques and René were born only fifteen minutes apart, but they were otherwise not close. Their fraternal rivalry began over toys but as they grew it extended to exam grades, sport and romance.  Jacques resented his younger twin’s constant superiority.

After high school, René studied the art of chocolatier, and Jacques followed. After both gaining commended diplomas, they opened shops in the same street; René in the cloisters opposite Jacques.

Jacques attributed René’s greater success to his twin’s perpetual luck, but Rene knew differently. The cloisters kept his chocolates shaded, the afternoon sun spoiled his brother’s.

René prospered.

Jacques failed.



Choon Choosday: Buddy Holly – Slippin and Slidin

Buddy Holly is one of those artists who died far too young, but there is still a large canon of his recorded work released. In some ways he lived on in The Beatles too, who were hugely influenced by him in their early years.

Two recordings of this song were released after Holly took that fateful flight, the more widespread fast version and this rarer slower mix. I quite like the energy of the fast rock n roll release but the slower more soulful rendering with its thigh-slap percussion has always been my favourite of all his songs. In fact, I’d say it’s a



Friday Fictioneers – Missing

One thing that you never get told and you have to find out for yourself – life speeds up the older you get. On the plus side, this means that Friday comes round faster every week, and there seems to be less time to wait for Rochelle‘s prompt pic. Read more…

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