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Choon Choosday: The Housemartins – Happy Hour

Oooooh, don’t they look young? Yes, it’s time for a trip down memory lane with this little corker. So often a band never matches the quality of their first album and first single, and thus it was with The Housemartins. Don’t get me wrong, they were a tidy four piece, but this is such an epic pop song and such a brilliant video that they set the bar unreachably high right at the start.

Absolute choooooooooooooooon!


Friday Fictioneers – Beach

Well I do believe it’s Friday again and that means it’s time for all us Frificers to gather around the fireside and swap tales. Rochelle, our hard-working leader, sent us a prompt pic as usual


which this week is copyright Janet Webb. My 100 words are below. And don’t forget to click here to join us at the fireside where the Blue Frog lives.


I bend down, look closer at the strange object among the stones. I concentrate, try not to hear Mum and Dad behind me.

“Some day at the beach this is. It’s two o’clock already.”

I frown, study its shape, colour, texture.

“Well you’re the one who got lost.”

“At least I was ready on time. It’s always you keeping everyone waiting and the day gets ruined.”

Is it a shell? A skeleton? A nest?

“Next time we’ll go without you. Is that what you want?”

It’s pretty, I might take it home. But do I want a reminder of today?


Choon Choosday: Freelance Hellraiser – A Stroke Of Genius

Mashup was quite the rage around the turn of the century. Take an a capella version of one tune, combine it with an instrumental slice of another tune and as long as they are the same BPM and key then hey preston, you have yourself a mash. Of course it’s not enough just to find two tunes and play them at the same time. It takes editing, timing, tunes that actually fit together, and not a small slice of wit.

Freelance Hellraiser was one of the original pioneers of the artform, and made this one. As well as being one of the best examples of the genre, it has the best name of all. The music is from The Strokes, the voice is Aguilera, the result is a



Choon Choosday: Soul II Soul – Back To Life

I was away from home all last week, spending the days crash-learning my new job and the nights in the four-walled genericity of an anonymous room.  But I am back home this week, back in my office. Back to life, back to (an allbeit newly rebooted) reality.

Oh and yes, incidentally, this is quite obviously an absolute



Friday Fictioneers – Cafe

Yep, you’re right – it’s Friday. Read more…

Datelexia 2

Previously on Datelexia, I was shocked and confused by the messages between me and an ex-colleague. That was Saturday night, and it’s amazing how fast-moving the world can be. Here is the next instalment which, as with all posts that feature me baring my emotions, serves mainly as an exercise in mental filing and thought sifting. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Agoria – 11eme Marche (Phil Kieran mix)

We are putting the Choon back in Choon Choosday this week with an absolute belter from 2002. This falls under the category of 4/4 house music that doesn’t really change much and go anywhere because it doesn’t need to. Sometimes an artist hits on a combination of beats, chords and bass line that fit so well and with such an infection that it will fill a dance floor without needing to progress.

But then we hit that incredible “ping pong ball bouncing on the floor” breakdown at around 4:20 which builds back up before throwing down the main riff again harder than before. Solid work everyone.



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