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Choon Choosday: Pronghorn – Ace Of Spades

A friend was talking to me about the Isle of Wight festival recently; he goes every year and always makes a point of seeing one particular band. They play in a Cow Punk style, he told me. Ah, I said, that’ll be Pronghorn then. I haven’t seen them for a while – about fifteen years probably – and they’re the only band I’ve ever heard describe themselves as Cow Punk.

This is a fine rendition of their most famous cover but admittedly the sound quality on this clip is pretty ropey. The energy still shines through though and you can see how much this infects the crowd. It’s a metal classic, it’s a Cow Punk




Choon Choosday: Dance 2 Trance – Trance-o-phobia

I admit I don’t know much about Dance 2 Trance, other than they had their (relatively) big hit Power Of American Natives sometime in the earky 90s. But this track turned up on a compilation I bought around that time and I loved it. It’s basic, stripped down, full of repetitive loops but that’s the charm. The relentless bass line gives it a bucket load of oomph, and that cheeky little break down and tempo change in the middle raise it from being merely a tune to being a solid gold




Friday ReFictioneers – Fingers

I haven’t been taking the opportunity to air my classic vintage episodes during summer re-run season because I like to keep my writing muscle working and get those 100 words written. But Rochelle‘s prompt pic this week


was one of my absolute favourites and the Fic wot I wrote back in 2014 was (imho) one of my best so I am taking the freebie this week. Thanks to Sandra Crook for a wonderful pic.

Don’t forget to take the slow boat to Froggy Island to read everyone’s works, rerun or original, and then give my story below a glance too. Heck, why not go crazy and leave a comment? I’m a lot friendier online than I am in real life!



The barman served two more pints, which to my late night eyes looked like four. I picked up two of them with my left hands and handed them to Casper.

“We’ve been friends a long time,” I said, “but I’ve never asked… what happened to your finger?”

With a roll of the eyes, Casper said “Pamplona.”

“Ah,” I nodded, “the Running of the Bulls.”

“No,” he said with a shudder, “it was the week after, the much more dangerous Running of the Sheep. I was in the car but still…” He wrapped his remaining fingers round his glass and drank.


Choon Choosday: Madness – Swan Lake

It’s been a while since I gave you some Madness. They were my favourite band when I was a nipper, and I still love them now. You can’t beat That Nutty Sound; whether they are playing their own songs, covering old classic 60s Jamaican ska, or here with a cover of Tchaikovsky. Put your dancing boots, your ben sherman shirt and your braces on and lose yourself for two and a half minutes to an absolute




Friday Fictioneers – Alley

I’m very excited to be posting this week as it’s my fourthiversary as a FriFicer! Read more…

Choon Choosday: The Soup Dragons – I’m Free

I’m sure you all noticed it was 4th July yesterday, and I hope all those that celebrate such a thing did so happily. Although I’m not from the USA I thought it only fair, given the high percentage of WordPressers over that side of the pond, that I link a suitable choon this week. Yes I could have gone for Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner or even Holly Johnson Americanos but I went a bit left field instead.

Independence means freedom to make your own decisions does it not? Free to do what you want, any old time etc. So despite the fact that approximately zero Americans will know where the name The Soup Dragons comes from, here they are. With their horribly dated floppy hair and acid video effects and electronic synth bass, it’s still an absolute solid gold



Friday Fictioneers – Stranger

These are extraordinary times over here in Britain. Read more…

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