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Friday Fictioneers – Security

Oh hello there! I didn’t expect to see you today. What do you mean it’s Friday already? Surely not! (checks calendar) Well gosh darn it to flippery, that week has whizzed past faster than a rocket in a burning firework shop. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Herb Alpert – Spanish Flea

I’ve claimed before that my musical tastes range pretty wide. I like a bit of cheesy pop, I like a bit of opera, I love a bit of screeching acid electronica, I go nuts for gangsta rap – there isn’t a genre I haven’t found some element of that pleases my ear and my soul.

70s brass jazz that sounds like the soundtrack for the testcard? Bring it on. My Dad used to play Herb Alpert when I was young; I loved it then and I love it now. Yes it’s as cheesy as a Brie convention but heck, you can’t help but grin and tap your foot. I guarantee you’ll be humming this for the rest of the day. Cause it’s a



Crazy Day

I was woken at 5.30 this morning by an enormous bang and the sound of fireworks going off. Read more…

Friday Fictioneers – Busking

It’s far too hot in England this week to be thinking of witty intros, so I’m going for the plain version which states the facts before moving on to the fiction bit. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Noel Coward – Mad Dogs and Englishmen

It’s been the hottest weekend of the year so far over here in Merry Old England, and like children let loose in sweet shops, the Britishers can’t resist switching from overcoats to gorging themselves on sunbathing, drinking and barbecueing. Sadly the human skin can’t handle excessive exposure after a winter of being in recluse, and in the same way as the children in the overstretched metaphor will overstuff themselves and become ill, the Queen’s loyal subjects will be in work this week with sore heads and even sorer sunburn.

If only more of us took note of Noel Coward’s advice. And even if you ignore Mr Coward’s recommendations, you have to admit it’s a



Friday Fictioneers – Migration

I’m sure you have all been refreshing your inboxes and WP newsfeeds for the last five hours, wondering where my Fri Fic has got to, but you need refresh no longer for here it is! Read more…

Choon Choosday: Overseer – Heligoland

The Shipping Forecast is a peculiar broadcast. For those in peril on the sea, it is a vital indication of the weather to come. But its reach goes far beyond those who are actually shipping. For those listening to the cricket on Long Wave, it can be an irritating interruption at times of high excitement. For those going to bed (or already in bed but unable to sleep) it is soothing soundscape poetry.

I am one of those who rarely takes to a boat but loves to hear the forecast at any time of day or night. And this number by Overseer is a reworking of those strange otherworldly phrases and places, interwoven with those feelings of uncertainty and insecurity that the time of 00.48 can bring. Many have parodied the Shipping Forecast, but none have paid tribute to it with such respect and pathos. And nobody else has managed to enlist Brian Perkins – the emeritus king of continuity announcement – to recite their words. His voice alone, never mind the rolling waves of strings – are enough to make this a



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