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Choon Choosday: TNGHT – Higher Ground

Once again this week I’ve gone for an absolute belter. Some tunes are all the about the riff, all about the loops, and this is no exception. That horn line of course is filth on toast that grabs hold of your ears and won’t let go, but if you listen on headphones rather than your phone or laptop speakers, you will discover various bass and sub-bass riffs that mkae this a complex mosaic of samples and loops.

Even if you weren’t lucky enough to be at Sonar Reykjavik last February to see HudMo drop this himself, like I was, you have to agree this is massive. It’s brutal. It’s a




Choon Choosday: Rusko – Cockney Thug

I found myself humming this at work the other day and after a quick search of the blog I realised I had never shared this with you.

A hilarious vocal sample, a fine horn section and of course a fierce bassline all combine to make this an A1 grade

(warning though – rude language from the start and all the way through)


so that’s why they call it social media

There is an old Irish saying that there is no such things as strangers, just friends you are yet to meet. This is particularly apt in this mobile-technology, social-media age. Not only is the whole world in your pocket but you can talk with it, lecture it, learn from it, argue with it, send videos of cats to it, and even become its friend.

On Facebook, for example, I am friends with several people I have never met, but theyare friends of friends and we have e-met that way. And by “friends” I mean we started of as friends in the Facebook sense, but now I count them as real friends. Since I started keeping pet hamsters two years ago (when Amelie came to live with me, although she has since passed and Hafi is now my flatmate) I joined a few hamster groups and through this have become friends with people I have never met. And In July, a real-world friend and I are off on a roadtrip to the North of the country to meet one of those friends. How exciting, I thought, this will be the highlight of the year.

Turns out I was wrong.

Because a couple of weeks ago, I had a message from a blogging friend saying she will be visiting the UK later in the year and would I be free to meet? Too bloody right I will be free! We have been chatting on and off for most of the five years we have both been on WordPress, but the Atlantic has always separated us. Three or so years ago we nearly met when she was heading to Germany but the logistics didn’t work out and we couldn’t sort it. But this time, this year, she will be in London, just over an hour from me, and it’s definitely going to happen.

We have emailed many times, we have swapped photos, we have skyped. And since we reconnected a fortnight ago, we have been whatsapping, texting every day and – the hugest thrill – having actual conversations again. The most recent occasion being a recent morning when she was bursting to pass on some news but everyone her side of the pond was in bed as it was the early hours over there. Luckily, she said, she knew I would be awake and so we chatted and she passed on her news while she was driving and I was laid in bed thousands of miles away. Isn’t technology wonderful? And I was thrilled that she thought of me to tell her news to. Not that I can tell you what that news was because a Gentleman never tells.

Normally I am terrified of meeting people, I am unsettled by the new, uncomfortable with anything outside my comfort zone. But I guess this time it’s different, there is no fear. Because although we have never physically been in the same place, it feels like we met five years ago, and even then we got on so well it felt like we knew each other already. So there is no new to be unsettled by. I won’t be outside my comfort zone because she has been inside it all this time.

We will take in the sights of London, we will eat, we will drink, we will visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, we will see a performance of King Lear…. But I could do this anytime, with anyone or even on my own. The most exciting part, the bit that has me smiling whenever I think about it, will be chatting, gossiping, laughing, spending time together. And most hugely exciting of all will be when we finally meet in person. I’m sure we will meet again in the future, hopefully many times, but there is only one first time. One first moment, one first sight, one first hello, one first smile.

Friday Fictioneers – Crunch

Hi all. No time for a witty intro this week Read more…

Choon Choosday: Axwell – I Found You (Remode)

This is just brilliant. You really don’t need me to deconstruct it, it’s deep in quality all the way through. But that drop at 2:14 is epic. Turn it up. It’s a



Friday Fictioneers – Quiet

And lo, on the fifth day, he did writeth an hundredde words of fictionne and did publisheth them on his blog. And verily he did shareth his linke in the Promised Land of Frogtopia.

That’s right folks, it’s Friday again, and that means that it’s time to write in response to Rochelle‘s email. This week’s pic

comes from FF regular (and usually first poster) Sandra Crook and I was tempted by the French flag to write something election-based. But after our 2015 election, and the 2016 Brexit referendum, and the 2016 US election, and the 2017 French presdential election (first round), and the announcement of the 2017 snap election, and the upcoming 2017 French presdential election (second round)…. well, I’m suffering from election fatigue and I don’t want to encourage them.

So I wrote this instead…


For years those two weeks in rural France, away from work emails and management deadlines and office politics, were an island of peace. Strolling through the tranquil main square, near empty even at noon, was the highlight of the Summer. “When we’re rich,” I would say, “when I’m published, we should move here.”
The royalties on my fourth novel paid off the mortgage in England.

The advance on the fifth bought the farmhouse.

But as I pace through the silent square, there is no inspiration. I miss the bustle, I crave the noise, I need the spark that life ignites.



Choon Choosday: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room

An interesting subset of the occasional series “Songs by bands I hate”.

I have no time whatsoever for Will Smith as an actor (caveat – I mean film actor, I’ve never watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air so maybe I would have a different opinion of his TV work). He is one of those actors like Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks that only seem to portray varying levels of themselves. You can’t see anyone on screen apart from the actor themselves, compared to someone like Scarlett Johannsen or Jake Gyllenhaal, who embody the part to the extent that you forget there is an actor, you only see the character.

Anyway, I dislike that form of acting, and Smith is one of those most guilty. But as a musical artiste… slam dunk, he has released some absolut humdingers. And this is one of them. When anyone of my generation hears the word Boom, we can’t help but hear (and usually say) Shake the Room! afterwards.

So as much as I’m no fan of Will, this is a solid gold Tick Tick Tick Tick



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