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Choon Choosday: Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel

Can this really be twenty years old, it sounds like it could be from today, or from 1972. A solid gold classic from the late 90s, a tune that defines the soul / worldwide sound that Gilles Peterson is well known for playing.

It’s the glitchy 2-step rhythm line, the glorious horn section in the chorus, and of course above all it’s Peven Everett’s vocal that makes this an absolute



Choon Choosday: Blue Oyster Cult – Last Days Of May (Live)

My brother is an old hippy and a few years older than me. So in between listening to pop songs of the day, I was brought up on bands like Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Gong, Steve Hillage and amongst all that was this little nugget by BOC. The tune everyone knows by them is Don’t Fear The Reaper, but THIS is their best song by far, and is one of my favourites of evertime.

I always say I don’t really like guitar-based music that much, and alot of the time that’s true, but there are exceptions. The lead guitar on this is exceptional, the solos sublime. Add the snapshot of story, almost FriFic-esque, of a drug-deal gone not so much wrong as deliberately sabotaged, and you have yourself a




C – Friday Fictioneers – Chateau de Sable

FriFic was a little different for me this week. I received the prompt pic Read more…

Choon Choosday: Kris Kross – Jump

As I’ve said before, there are only two genres that matter; good music and bad music. And I am happy to admit to liking tunes that people scoff at or by bands I hate. Kris Kross have a bad press and many would say for good reason – a manufactured outfit cynically designed to appeal to a youth market, with a ridiculous attempt to start a fashion of wearing your jeans backwards. All of which are stupid ideas and their career rightly lasted for precisely one song.

But by jiminy, whatever you think of their trousers, this is a



C – Friday Fictioneers – Spinet 6

Greetings Fridayphiles! Yes, it’s the traditional end of the working week (for us lazy desk jockeys who do jobs so unimportant that we can take two days off without the world ending or even noticing) and also the traditional weekly gathering of the Ancient Tribal Fellowship of the FriFicers. Every Wodensday, our High Priestess Rochelle festoons our inboxes with pictoral offerings and in return we each create 100 words of fiction and gather at the Meeting Place to share our works. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Skream – Midnight Request Line

Skream is one of the original major artists in Dubstep. The genre has moved on alot since the early days and seems to be more about featuring that fat squelchy bassline that artists like Skrillex seem to favour, but back at the beginning it was much more chilled as this 2005 classic shows.

The most important element of any Dubstep track is the sub-bass, so this is yet another example of a link you need to play through decent speakers or headphones. Try and listen on your phone or laptop and you won’t hear it, won’t appreciate it, and won’t experience the full majesty of this




C – Friday Fictioneers – Steps

Happy Middle of January everyone! That’s right, we’re halfway through the first month of 2016 and (very nearly) closer to the next payday than the last. Rejoice! Also as it’s Friday that means it’s time to lay down some freestyle flash fiction in the form of the legendary FriFic. You know the deal by now – Rochelle unleashes a prompt pic and we all suck our pencils and stare out of the window as we await the arrival of 100 words.

I really liked this week’s picture Read more…

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