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Friday Fictioneers – Bandstand

Frific is the world famous flash fiction challenge set by one person and taken on by over a hundred. Rochelle sends a weekly prompt pic, and writers in every continent scratch out a 100-word mini-story in reply. This week we all received this in our inboxes: Read more…

Iceland Update

It’s been a month or so since I bought my ticket for Sónar Reykjavík and confirmed that I will be going back. So far (apart from be excited and tell everyone) that’s all I’ve done about it though. The flights aren’t on sale as far ahead as next February yet so I can’t book those up but the second they do, I will be first in (on) line to make sure I get the best possible deal.

I don’t yet know what the flight schedule will be, so I don’t know how many days I will be in Iceland and I can’t book any accomodation if I don’t know my travel dates. Sónar runs from Thursday to Saturday, so in a perfect world I would book flights one day either side of this. Not that I don’t want to spend more time in my favourite country, but every day I’m there will cost money and I already have another break planned for June next year. Two holidays are pricier than one, as the saying goes. If it does work out that I have a few spare days though, I’ve been looking into activities and trips I can go on. I haven’t been to Snæfellsness, for example. And Akureyri is only a 45 minute flight (or an eight hour bus ride) away. There is so much country to explore.

But it may not be completely up to me. I mentioned to a friend at work that I was going back to Iceland, and she expressed her jealousy. Half-jokingly I sent her a link to the Sónar site and told her tickets were still on early bird price. It turns out that Iceland is on her bucket list and she is now genuinely thinking over whether she will come too. It’s a question of cash, she too has other holidays and other expenses to balance, but I may have a co-traveller for this trip. Or maybe it is all initial enthusiasm and she won’t want to come after all, time will tell. The day the flights (eventually) go on sale will bring the decision to a head.

How do I feel about going on holiday with another person? I am a very selfish independent person, and the thought of maybe having to potentially compromise my plans for someone else (would she want to go on an eight hour bus trip?) does go against my instincts. But at the same time, being able to share such a great trip and such a brilliant festival with someone who will appreciate it will make the whole thing that much more enjoyable. And if she wanted to go on the Golden Circle trip for example – because you can’t go to Iceland and not do the Circle – part of me would feel I didn’t want go on a trip I have already experienced. But then again, the Icelandic landscape is completely different and even more impressive in winter, so it would be like a new excursion. And being the one who knows all the good places to eat and drink in the city will be cool too. So we shall see. But like I say, maybe she won’t come along. I will keep you posted.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there is no possibility of any holiday romance between the two of us, just two people going away together. But I think it might be fun. Or we may end up hating each other, that’s the other potential outcome. Whatever happens, or doesn’t, it will all be type up here, on my blog, for not many people to read.

Choon Choosday: Bob Dorough – Three Is A Magic Number

Like, I’m sure, the rest of you, I knew this song first by De La Soul before I knew it was a cover. Yes the hiphop version is great and it has style etc but I love the innocence of Bob Dorough’s original. It reminds me of Sesame Street, and I expect it was used on the show in the 70s. It has a wonderful simplicity and educationalness to it as well as being cute and charming. Oh, and one other reason – this weekend just gone was my third anniversary as a blogger. So how could I not choose a three-based




Friday Fictioneers – Shelter

Well hello there. Thanks for popping by. Chances are you were directed here by the Inlinkz frog on Rochelle‘s page. I’m sure you know the deal – Read more…

Choon Choosday: PIL- Rise

John Lydon is a legend in my house. He may not have the best voice in the world, but that just isn’t the point. He is all about the performance and the energy. He had that in bagfuls in the old Sex Pistols days, and was still a unique stage presence when in Public Image Ltd.

When this track came on Top Of The Pops one Thursday in 1986, it was all anyone was talking about in our school next morning. John Lydon, cool as fuck. How we all wanted to be him. And the best thing was he had two drummers. Both “playing” their parts (in both the musical and performance sense (yes I know theyre miming, but you know what I mean)) in absolute synchronicity.

What a man. What a band. What a




Sign up to the brand new HBC

Just a quick plug. Sarah from makeupandmirtazapine had the genius idea of starting a Twitter-based book club. Within the first day of the account opening, 25 twitterers had already signed up, and just 4 days in there are 33 on board. The plan is for a book a month – fiction, non, poetry, plays, anything – and the discussion will begin on twitter on a designated day.

Do you want to join in? Head over to @hermitbookclub on Twitter and click to follow. Hurry along folks, and you can be on board in time for the historic announcement of the first book!

Friday Fictioneers – Winter

Wednesday, they say, is Hump Day. Halfway through the working week, it’s all downhill to Friday night after that. But to me, and several billion others around the world, Wednesday is Prompt Day. Rochelle sends us all a pic, and we have until Friday(ish) to produce 100 words of fiction. Read more…



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