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Choon Choosday: Howard Jones – Hide and Seek

Waaaaay back in the past, before there was Craig David, before there was Delays, before there was the drummer from Coldplay, Southampton’s musical heritage was a flame carried by Howard Jones. He of the impressive keyboard and lyricist abilities and very 80s hair.

This is one of his finest works, best heard on solo piano rather than the full band, and a solo piano played at the biggest gig the world has ever seen.

Relive the glory days of yesteryear with this



Friday Fictioneers – Stationary

Its that depressing time of year when Christmas and New Year holidays are a vague memory, January’s payday is barely a dot on the horizon, and fun stuff like beer and biscuits are off limits because of the Resolution to be healthy is still just about on the go. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good

I never really listened to Amy while she was alive, I was only aware of her through the headlines and the life dramas and I let that cloud my judgement. Or should the be prejudgement? As far as I was aware she was a chart pop star who lived her life in tabloid headlines and was of no interest to me.

But now I realise how wrong I was, what a huge talent she was, and how so much of her music is so powerful because it is her heart being played out in public. This is a particular favourite. As well as the honesty and the truth of her lyrics, she had an extraordinary voice which was backed by brilliant production that make her music sound timeless.

And make this a



Friday Fictioneers – Cog

Happy New 2107 my FriFicin’ friends! Yes, that’s Christmas all packed away and Auld Lang Syne sung for another year, and thusly doth January roll round. Read more…

Choon Choosday: Laura Marling – New Romantic

It’s another one of those tunes this week that I had forgotten about for a few years and was then reminded of and thought “Oooh, I must link this on Choosday.” Read more…

Friday Fictioneers – Ticket

And so 2016 – oh such unpredictable and unexplicable 2016 – draws to a close. Read more…

Choon Choosday: George Michael – Somebody to Love

So 2016 managed to pull another shock celebrity demise out of the bag before it was done. Nobody saw this one coming at all. Read more…

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