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Friday Fictioneers: Buewix

Rochelle‘s prompt pic is a brilliant one this week, so full of potential: Read more…

Choon Choosday: Simon and Garfunkel – Keep The Customer Satisfied

At last! A choon that people may have actually heard of!

I talk alot in these posts about songs that are made up of individually great parts that contribute to a greater whole, and this is another very good example of this. Yes, the brass section is awesome and the musicians are clearly having a wonderful time, but just listen to that fabulous bassline too – left hand rushing up and down the fretboard adding so much more than just root note emphasis. Simon’s guitar may be simple buskalong strumming but it’s done withe such energy that it drives the whole thing.

And as for the vocals – it’s such a singalong classic, turn it up to 11 and join in. It’s an epic



Friday Fictioneers – Garlic

Is it Fiction o’clock? Then it must be Friday! I’m not the only one who FriFics, there are over 100 of us all creating 100 words in response to Rochelle‘s prompt pic:


Are you a teeny bit curious about which 100 words I randomly found in the dictionary? Well as it’s you I’ll let you read them:


Occasionally, customers ask Sergei why he hangs several cloves of garlic over the shop doorway.

“To keep vampires away,” he always says, “I stay open all night, so I can’t be too careful.”

“But there are no vampires,” the oh-so-clever customer argues.

“So it’s working then,” he says and smiles. If the customer happens to be a particularly pretty girl, the smile is followed by an offer of drinks and dinner, a night out, a nightcap back at his.

It’s true that the garlic keeps away vampires but it would be more accurate to say it keeps away other vampires.




Choon Choosday: Mogwai – Hunted By A Freak

It’s Sonar festival in Barcelona this weekend, and it’s nine years since I last went. I didn’t see Mpgwai play there, but I did go to a showing of computer-created music videos in the cinema they set up for the festival, and this video was once of those which was shown.

I don’t know a huge amount about Mogwai but I do know this is one of those tunes that is epicly uplifting and terrifyingly haunting at the same time. And the video is both hypnotically beautiful and horribly disturbing at the same time. If you don’t want to watch computer-generated animals plummet to their deaths, turn off the screen and just enjoy the



Friday Fictioneers – Light

Every Friday, writers around the world create 100 words of fiction based on a prompt pic sent by Rochelle. In case you missed it, here is the pic for this week:


and these are my 100 words:


Their possessions finally unboxed, it was time to plan making this new house their home. With notepads and colour charts in hand, they assessed each room in turn, discussing duckegg blues and magnolia whites, imagining pine dressers and oak dining tables. The tour finished at the ornate entrance hall.

“That light is definitely going,” she said, “I thought it was too big from the first viewing.”
”I think it adds style,” he countered.


“It says class,” he mused, sucking his pencil, “it says sophistication, it says wealth.”

“It says you won’t be the one doing the cleaning round here.”




Choon Choosday: Jah Wobble & Dolores O’Riordan – The Sun Does Rise

Technically this track is credited as Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart featuring Dolores O’Riordan but that wouldn’t all fit in the title. Anyway, this is the first in a new occasional series of Featurings where a guest artist appears on another’s track.

20 years ago The Cranberries were the next big thing, you couldn’t switch the radio on without hearing Linger playing. Jah Wobble, ex-bassist with John Lydon’s PIL, got together with Dolores from said Cranberries and made this little toe tapper for his Take Me To God album.

My warning about not listening on laptop speakers goes double this week. While you will hear Dolorres’ charming vocal and you will hear the African-inspired guitar and percussion, y0u won’t hear Wobble’s brilliant looping and rolling bassline. As so often happens on a Choosday, all the parts individually are top drawer but when they come together, they become more than themselves. They become a



Friday Fictioneers – Kitchen Island


You know you’ve been FriFicing for a while when you remember Rochelle‘s prompt pic re-runs from the first time round! Yes, it’s summer redux season, and this week’s rewind pic is this one: Read more…

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