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Choon Choosday: The Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red

A real treat for you this week. The Cocteau Twins are one of the best and most underrated bands ever and I’ve yet to hear a better female vocalist than dear Lizzie Fraser.

This was the first track of theirs I ever heard – I’m not sure where and when, probably not from this episode of The Tube, more likely from Annie Nightingale on a Sunday which is where I got most of my musical education in those days. Anyway, I didn’t know the name of it for years, and I couldn’t remember enough of it to tell anyone how it went. And of course in those days Lizzie didn’t use real-word lyrics so that was no help. Eventually I did track it down by systematically buying their entire back catalogue.

Anyway this is an absolute gem, and also features a nice nostalgic link at the end with Muriel and Paula showing the professionalism that The Tube was known for whilst listing 80s indie bands appearing the next week. But of course it’s the guitar and bass and Lizzie’s stunning voice that I’ve linked this for, that’s what makes this a




Friday Fictioneers – Late

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Choon Choosday: New Order – The Beach

I’ve been listening to New Order and Joy Division quite a bit lately, and there are plenty of choices I could have made when I decided to link one of theirs this week. Blue Monday is the legendary tune that brought them to a mainstream audience, but to be honest it’s overplayed so much that even though I loved it and it was hugely exciting and new, I don’t really need to hear it again. Even Bernie Sumner used to introduce it as “that fookin song again” in the days they were still speaking to each other enough to play gigs.

The B-side, however, is a brilliantly inventive remix. It has all the elements of BM, including that magnificent synth bassline that defined New Order for so long, but it’s a refreshingly alternative version. In fact it’s a




Friday Fictioneers – Home

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Choon Choosday: Talking Heads- Burning Down The House

The mortals among us would be over the moon if we’d come up with the riff that David Byrne plays on the intro to this number, but to a genius like him it’s just a throwaway 10-second lick.

I’ve talked many times about the genius of Talking Heads, and this is one of their finest. It’s one of those classics where you can break it down part by part and find each and every band member is playing an absolute blinder. And yes it’s a very 8os video, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Even that abominable cover that Tom Jones brought out a few years back can’t detract from the fact this is an epic


Friday Fictioneers – Changes

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Choon Choosday: The B52s – Planet Claire

This popped into my head on the way home from the shops today (I was buying some beer and a toaster, since you ask) and I immediately knew I had to share.

Yes there is Love Shack (a staple for any DJ at a work christmas party) and yes there is Rock Lobster, but this is an absolute peach. I love the 50s sci-fi B-movie feel to this, the Peter Gunn guitar riff and the wonderfully mock-alien-sounding keyboard. Just brilliant. Oh, and the fan vid under it may only be a series of stills but they’re perfectly chosen to accompany this solid gold




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