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Choon Choosday: The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?

Morrissey is a poet. He’s that rare breed of lyricist that says exactly what people think and feel. How Soon Is Now is a great example of this. The “There’s a club if you’d like to go…” struck a chord with teenagers in the 80s when it was released, and still does today.

Combine Mozzer’s words with Johnny Marr’s sublime guitar and you have The Smiths. You have a




Thursday Thrictioneers – Mechanic

Every week, Rochelle sends a prompt pic to a crack international squadron of writers. Pens, pencils, keyboards and tablet screens then scratch, scribble and tippytap 100 words of fiction. Welcome to the world of Friday Fictioneers! Read more…

Choon Choosday: S Club 7 – Bring It All Back

This is a massively exciting week here at Reclining Towers. Not only did S Club 7 reform for the Children In Need charity night on Friday, but today they announced they will be touring next spring. I know! I’m so buzzing it’s ridiculous. I may not be the target audience for the Essers, I wasn’t at the time and I’m not now, but I don’t care. It may be that form of manufactured bubble gum pop I’m supposed to stand up against but I don’t care. It may be musically naive 3-chord verse-chorus-verse-chorus-instrumental-verse-keychange-repeattofade formulaic chart fodder but I don’t care. I am a sucker for musical cheese, and I love S Club. I watched all their TV shows, bought all their albums, went to all three of their tours, saw their film at the cinema

And I particularly love Hannah. One of the greatest moments of my online life was when she favourited and replied to one of my tweets. Swoon.

Anyway, their 2015 tour will be called the Bring It All Back Tour after this slice of musical magic. It’s a



Friday Fictioneers – Street

There has been huge excitement all around the world this week as the Philae Lander sent its pictures and messages from 300 million miles away. I shared that excitement, the wonder at the human race’s creativity and ingenuity. But even a message from the surface of a coment shaped like a rubber duckie isn’t as thrilling as receiving Rochelle‘s prompt pic email. And every Friday we can wonder at creativity and ingenuity as writers the world over create 100-word stories. Here is a quick reminder of this week’s pic: Read more…

Choon Choosday: Voice Of The Beehive – I Say Nothing

I’ve claimed on many occasions that I have wide-ranging and eclectic musical tastes. Electronica, jazz, opera, minimalist classical, big and bombastic classical, progrock, drum n bass, ragga, ska, the list goes on. And in each of these (what we lazily call) genres, there are plenty of pieces that I can’t get on with. I am open-minded, and just as happy to love something I shouldn’t as hate something that could have been written with me in mind. I like alot of alternativey, whatyoumightcall arty stuff, but I enjoy a good dollop of quality nothinkingrequired pop cheese too. This falls very much in the latter category, a wonderful jangly sing song of a pop hit from the late eighties, albeit with a hint of darkness in the lyrics. It’s fairly brief,  it does what it needs to do, then leaves. But it sticks in your brain for the rest of the day. The sign of a fine




Friday Fictioneers – RinTinTin

Inboxes ping every Wednesday the world over when Rochelle sends out the weekly prompt pic, and writers in over a million countries create brilliant fiction. This week’s picture is this one:


My 100 words turned out to be quite tangiential in the end. There was a plot I had partly worked out that involved the car, but then I wrote the opening. That took half of my word allocation and it was too good to cut, so I went in a different direction. I’m really proud of this one, more than I have been for a while. See what you think… Read more…

Choon Choosday: Katy Perry – Firework

November the Fourth. On this very date 409 years ago, Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators were planning their now infamous Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament that night. Just after midnight, the barrels of explosive were discovered as was Fawkes, guarding them. Thus the plot failed and to this day, every 5th November, Britain commemorates these events by burning effigies of Fawkes on a bonfire, which is often also used to cook baked potatoes. And while the fire burns, the most sober and responsible adult sets off fireworks which burst in the sky with a million sparks while those watching go “oooooooo” appreciatively, jump put the way of rockets that have accidentally launched horizontally, and try to remember whether they shut the cat in.

Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Night, Firework Night, is almost here. So why not have a enjoy of Katy P? After all, it is a




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