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Fiction Relay – UPDATE

17 October, 2012

The fiction relay has begun, and the story of Suzi’s first day at Maisy’s Diner is unfolding nicely as she encounters the mysterious Sam. Relayers so far are:

I wrote Part One

CC wrote Part Two

Delilah wrote Part Three

Ted is currently writing Part Four

Dawn will write Part Five

Then it’s back to me. Or is it? Not if YOU also want to get involved. Just comment below and you can join in.


A few pointers/guidelines:

  • Try to post your chapter within a week to keep it moving
  • Number your chapter
  • Try not to go over about 1000 words
  • Tag your post Fiction Relay
  • Link back to the previous chapter and the other Relayers in your intro
  • Link to the next Relayer at the end of your post
  • If/when anyone else asks to join in, i’ll post an updated list of writers and the order we will write in


Okay that’s all! Happy Relaying everyone!


  1. Part 4 should be arriving at inboxes by Thursday…

  2. This is a great read thus far.Looking forward to more.

  3. Delilah permalink

    Thursday can’t get here soon enough!

  4. Delilah permalink

    Found someone who’d like to get in on the Relay. I’ll email you about it.

  5. Ack!
    Okay, so I LOVE this story so far, and Ted has given me some excellent juicy nuggets to work with, including telling details and a cliffhanger. BUT…:
    I’m at 1,100 words! 😦
    Don’t worry. I’m just whining (as opposed to wine-ing, which is a possible alternative…). I’ll edit this weekend and post by Monday. TRG, this was a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for letting me be included.

    • Dont worry too much about word count, that’s a very rough guide. as long as it isnt 50 or 50,000 then it’s fine. better you say everything you want to say:)

  6. Really? Because I don’t want to be a story-hog….

    • That’s fine! Obviously don’t finish the novel but by all means write a bit more than 1000 if that’s what your chapter needs. it’s all about the fun of the writing and the relay, not about meeting wordcounts.

  7. Um, okay… (*doing happy-dance and grinning like an idiot*) Sigh! I love writing. I won’t finish the story by any means. Just my little chapter. Thank you, TRG! 🙂

  8. Your ‘little chapter’ was very exciting, Dawn… I loved where you have taken the story.

  9. Thank you, Ted! Now, is it back to you, TRG…?

  10. Delilah permalink

    TRG, did Mellissa ever write you back about possibly joining in? Oh, and write/type fast….I’m so anxious to read.

    • no, i wrote twice but no reply. Ah well, anyone can come in at any time so it’s not a big issue. Ive been plotting my chapter ever since Dawn posted, and i think im nearly there. part 6 will follow soon i hope…

      • Delilah permalink

        alright, i just thought i would check. This relay has really been fun….thanks so much for starting it!

      • i’m really pleased that everyone is enjoying it and how well it has taken off. i’m feeling the pressure now it’s my turn again though.

      • Delilah permalink

        The same thing happened as soon as it made it to me. I just had to push through the panic stage.

      • i’ve got a few ideas, i just need to let them ferment. my head will tell me when i’m ready to write it, but i might need to give it a nudge

      • Delilah permalink

        You sound just like me. I’ve been staring at the unwritten pages of my novel. I have all these ideas of where I want to take the story…but so far, I’ve just been chasing my tail trying to catch the plot.

      • im sure most writers are the same!

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