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Summer Heat – Part Thirteen

26 December, 2012

It may be cold and wet and christmassy, but it is still Summer where Jessica and Toby are. Catch up here, then read on…


Summer Heat Part Thirteen

Jessica pulled her phone from her bag and discovered she had three missed calls, all received while it had been switched to silent during her lunch with Toby. Two calls were from work, one from her manager’s mobile number twenty minutes ago, and none had left a voicemail. Was he enquiring after her health? Wondering if she would be back tomorrow? Wanting her to come into work this afternoon as she had promised she would try? Or had someone seen them out for lunch and he was angrily trying to speak to her to tell her she needn’t come back? Jessica had been sure she hadn’t seen anyone she recognised in the pub, but she hadn’t spent the whole hour watching the door. Perhaps she had been spotted in Toby’s car on the way there?

She switched her phone back to full volume, and as she did so it buzzed into life, causing her to jump. Her manager was calling her again. She had no choice now but to answer. ‘Hello Carl,’ she said, her voice sounding weak as the uncertainty at his intentions combined with the illness she was faking. ‘Jess,’ came the brusque reply, where are you?’ She tried a false cough. ‘On the sofa,’ she said. There was a pause. ‘Good,’ Carl said eventually, ‘you weren’t answering so I wasn’t sure what was happening.’ What did that mean? Was he trying to catch her out? ‘I had the phone on silent,’ she said, an honest answer but one which gave nothing away. ‘Right,’ he said efficiently, ‘so I was wondering how you’re feeling and if you would be making it in this afternoon.’ Inwardly, Jessica sighed with relief. He didn’t suspect. But the guilt, the worry, of the missed calls had shocked her into losing her nerve and deciding that the afternoon would be better spent back in the office. Besides, Toby had left her feeling confused, deflated, and had turned what should have been a fun and cheeky day off with him into what she was now expecting to be an afternoon on the sofa with a magazine and a packet of chocolate digestives. She checked the time on her phone. Half past one. ‘Give me a few minutes to get dressed,’ she said, ‘and I’ll come in for a bit.’

‘Great, thanks,’ Carl said, and the call ended.

As she walked through reception, Jessica asked if it would be okay to direct all her calls to the switchboard, using her poor health as an excuse. Her request was met with agreement and sympathy, and with a smile of thanks and a groan of fake flu, she headed through to her office, closing the door against any interruptions. Aside from Carl briefly calling in to see her, and the invented and receding symptoms she described to him, she worked quietly and alone for the rest of the afternoon, catching up on paperwork she had neglected, working on projects which had fallen behind.


Arriving home, she parked next to Toby’s car and deliberately closed her driver’s door more forcefully than she needed to, hoping to announce her return. She glanced instinctively up towards his front window, but there was no sign of movement. She climbed the stairs, the click of her heels echoing in the hallway, and let herself into her flat. She had not heard a word from him all afternoon, and checked her phone again for a missed call or text that she knew would not be there. She re-read his last message to her from that morning, telling her that he was dressing after his shower and enjoying the mental images of her doing the same, and wondered how he had spent his afternoon. She typed a message asking him this, asking him if he was free that evening, but her finger hovered over the send button before switching to delete. He was the one who had disappeared after their lunch date without explanation, he was the one who had been so keen for her to spend the day with her and had then vanished, it was up to him to do the chasing.

She flicked the icons on the phone display and logged on to facebook. She had been so busy these last few days that there had not been time to check her account, and she was surprised to see how many notifications she had. One of these was a friend request that Toby had sent the night before, and she decided to ignore for now. There was a personal message from an ex-schoolfriend she had not seen for a couple of years, asking how she was, how she had been, was she still living in the same town, wouldn’t it be fun to catch up. Hi Simon, she typed quickly, that would be great. And she discovered that Simon was the reason for the activity on her page. He had liked and commented on several of her statuses going back months, and had also liked a number of her photos. Including her favourite picture, the one taken last birthday when she had borrowed Victoria’s red dress. The dress she had always said made Victoria look stunning, but which showed more than Jessica would ever be brave enough to expose. The dress which she was persuaded to change into for the night after a few glasses of wine at Victoria’s before they went on to the pub. The dress which had given her confidence for an evening, and had drawn appreciative glances to her cleavage from more men than she was used to. Gorgeous, Simon had written, and Jessica smiled.

A new message flashed into her inbox. It was Simon. She held her breath as she opened it, and read the word Tonight? Yes, she was free tonight, thanks to the disappearing Toby. Thanks to Toby, she was also feeling slightly bitter, and if he could vanish without a word, so could she. And thanks to her time with Toby, she had a new confidence, a sexual energy that had been previously unexplored but which now caused a shiver to pass through her as she imagined Simon admiring the picture of her in the red dress. Okay, she typed, where shall we meet?



  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Interesting. My uneasiness increases with each reading. I’m half wondering if Simon and Toby are the same man, but it can’t be that coincidental. Nice part. Always leaving me to wonder what’s going to happen.

    • i usually say i don’t know what’s going to happen either, and i didn’t know Simon would appear until yesterday when i thought about where this would go next. (yes, i was planning Summer Heat on christmas day!) but this time, i DO have an idea what will be happening in the next few chapters. I won’t give anything away, but I will tell you Simon and Toby aren’t the same person.
      And i will tell you there will be more erotic chapters in the very near future, but i won’t tell you who they will feature 🙂

  2. I love how you tease RG. Giggle.

  3. Catching up…..

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